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Sony CCB-WD1 Wired Control Box for RX0 Camera

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Hunt's Guarantee

  • Wired camera interface for multi-camera expansion
  • IP network utilization for system flexibility
  • Precision video sync support
  • Centralized image data management
  • Wire each Camera-and-Box pair for power, preview, and control

Open new possibilities in multi-camera imagination

Connect each Camera Control Box and camera—and multiple pairs of Camera-and-Box units—to your PC via an Ethernet switching hub for powerful multi-camera command1. Then control live preview and fast file transfer to your PC, adjust camera settings and shooting modes, and get capture control for both still images and movies. Choose operation of individual or multiple cameras to change settings.

IP network utilization for system flexibility

Since an IP address can be assigned to each Camera Control Box unit, you can control cameras located in remote areas. The wired LAN connection lets you smoothly transfer image files3 to your PC for viewing and management as needed. This greatly enhances the flexibility and accuracy of multi-camera shooting and image handling.

Precision video sync support

Video sync with frame-by-frame precision is available for multi-camera movie shooting. This feature is especially convenient in sophisticated movie production — for instance, when stitching together video footage shot by multiple cameras into a 360 ° movie.

Efficient centralized image data management

The fast network interface lets you transfer images from the camera card directly to your PC, immediately after shooting.3Assignable camera and file naming makes data management simple, even for multi-camera shoots, so you can prevent accidental overwriting.

Inconspicuous yet indispensable

Camera Control Box is designed to be compact — as small as the body of the RX0. This inconspicuous look and size is virtually invisible in many shooting setups, making it ideal for situations where a bulky camera system could be intrusive.

Wire each Camera-and-Box pair for power, preview, and control

Connect the single USB MULTI between Camera Control Box and your camera for PC control, preview, and data transfer. Also use the supplied AC adaptor or a mobile USB battery4 for convenient power to a Box and linked camera via the same USB MULTI connection5.

Supplied cable protector

Utilize the supplied cable protector for assured linkage of three required cables — USB MULTI camera connection, Micro USB power supply, and Ethernet connector. This enhances the reliability of your entire multi-camera shooting system.

Size & Weight

Approx. W 2 3/8" X H 1 5/8" X D 1 3/16" (59.0 mm X 40.5 mm X 29.8 mm)
Approx. 90 g (3.2 oz) (main unit only)


DC 5.0 V, 1500 mA (supplied AC Adaptor)


Multi/Micro USB Terminal, Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0), LAN Terminal


32 °F to 104 °F (0 ℃ to +40 ℃)

What's In The Box

  • AC Adaptor AC-UUE12 (1)
  • Micro USB cable (1)
  • Cable protector (1)
  • Multi-terminal connecting cable (2) (1.31 ft/6.56 ft, 0.4 m/2.0 m)
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