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DJI Osmo Action 360° Wrist Strap

SKU: #CPOS0000027801 $39.00

The Wrist Strap for the DJI Osmo Action 3 or 4 allows hands-free recording while swimming, surfing, skiing, or climbing. The strap wraps around your wrist with velcro. The camera mounts to the strap with the quick reelase locking clip. The ball joint can be rotated to set the camera for the best angle.

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DJI Mini 4 Pro 360° Propeller Guard

SKU: #CPMA0000074901 $29.95

The lightweight 360° Propeller Guard fully surrounds the propellers to avoid injury or damage and improve flight safety. It is especially useful for beginners flying indoors or in places with numerous obstacles.

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DJI Mini 4 Pro/Mini 3 Series Intelligent Flight Battery Plus (45 Minute Flight Time)

SKU: #BWX1623850738 $95.00

Provides a max flight time of 45 minutes (Mini 4 Pro)/47 minutes (Mini 3 Pro)/51 minutes (Mini 3)*. Explore more of your surroundings and fly with peace of mind.

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DJI Mini 4 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery (34 Minute Flight Time)

SKU: #CPMA0000075601 $65.00

Provides a max flight time of 34 minutes, allowing you to fly and create freely with peace of mind.

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DJI Mavic 3 Pro Propeller Guard

SKU: #CPMA0000067001 $49.00

Isolates the propellers to improve flight safety, and uses a smart design for quick assembly and disassembly.

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DJI Mavic 3 Pro Storage Cover

SKU: #CPMA0000066701 $39.00

Designed for the Mavic 3 Pro Series, the Storage Cover protects the gimbal and camera and stores the propellers, making access and storage easy.

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Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera Kit with RF 24-70mm F/2.8L IS Lens

SKU: #4507C017 $7,499.00

Info $200.00 INSTANT REBATE on the Eos C70 W/24-70mm F2.8 L Is
Info $400.00 INSTANT REBATE on the Eos C70 W/24-70mm F2.8 L Is

Developed with an idea of combining the Cinema EOS series with the EOS R series, the new EOS C70 offers exceptional image quality and professional video features in a compact and mobile form factor, perfect for documentary, newsgathering, and corporate videos. The EOS C70 is the first Cinema EOS camera with a built-in RF-lens mount, which was previously a feature that was only used for the EOS R series of mirrorless cameras. The RF-mount offers users access to Canon's superb line of RF-lenses, which are quick, reliable and provide brilliant image quality. There is also a full 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10-stop internal ND filter system in the relatively small flange depth of the RF-mount.

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Promaster PowerHOUSE NP-F980PD Li-ion Battery & USB Power Bank

SKU: #PRO65989 $119.95

An incredibly powerful 10,000 mAh NP-F style battery and PD-capable USB power bank in one! Charge and power your lights, cameras, smart devices, and more with this versatile, high-capacity battery. The NP-F980PD works with NP-F type devices, including many popular LED lights, and it is also a USB power bank. In fact, you can use it to power a light while charging a second device via the USB-A or USB-C ports. The USB-C port features PD (Power Delivery) protocol for extra-fast charging.

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Sony ZV-1 II Vlog Camera for Content Creators and Bloggers (White)

SKU: #ZV1M2W $899.99

Capture the world the way you want. The ZV-1 II is an ideal all-round vlog camera that streamlines shooting on the go, allowing you to capture amazing quality video and audio without any complex setup. Compact and portable, it features a wide-angle 18-50mm zoom lens for versatile framing, a 1.0-type (1-inch) image sensor for great image quality, and an intelligent microphone for clear audio recording.

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Fujifilm Cooling Fan (FAN-001)

SKU: #16757344 $199.99

This is a cooling fan, specifically designed for the X-H2S / X-H2 / X-S20 to facilitate extended shooting and video recording in high temperature. The fan can be fitted to the rear of the camera body without a cable and supplies power, extending continuous video recording time at high temperature, and eliminating concerns of heat-related camera shutdown.




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