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Sirui P-325FS/FL Carbon Fiber Monopod with Stand and Video Head VH-10

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P-325FS+VH-10 P-325FL+VH-10 Advanced Video Monopod Kit

As an advanced video monopod kit, SIRUI P-325FS+VH-10/P-325FL+VH-10 can support a heavy camera setup up to 6kg/13.2lbs. The portability of the monopod combined with the smooth operation of the VH-10 fluid head made this kit super ideal for highly mobile situations.

VH-10 Fluid Head

The built-in hydraulic damper allows you to pan (360°) and tilt (-70°to +90°) the lightweight VH-10 fluid head smoothly to get your desired angle.

You can rotate or tilt the handle 360°. The telescopic handle can be extended up to 47cm/18.5inches or retracted to 30cm/11.8inches.

Modular Design

The monopod features a unique modular design. Four modules, including the mounting plate, main tube section, tripod foot, rubber foot, can be detached and combined freely to form a monopod, an extension rod, or a tabletop tripod.

Quick Release System

The quick release system has a distinct advantage over the locking knob system. Pull down the top/bottom quick release sleeve to detach modules in a quick and easy way.

Flip Lock Mechanism

The monopod is divided into 5 sections via 4 flip locks. Boasting a user-friendly design, shooters should feel fairly comfortable and easy using the flip locks. Open all flip locks with just a single hand to adjust the monopod from the minimum height to the maximum height.

Thanks to flip locks, deploying a monopod becomes pretty quick and easy. Retract leg tubes and close all flip locks with a single hand to get a compact camera support.

360° Panning

The upper twist collar on the monopod has a groove-textured surface for quick adjustment while shooting.The VH-10 fluid head comes with a panorama base, so you can pan the head 360° to get a wealth of footage.

Rotatable Ring

The ring is 360° rotatable with built-in damping, so it can be rotated to the desired position and won't turn around easily. Unlike other rings, this ring comes with an opening that allows the strap to be removed easily.

36° Tilting

Use the ball locking knob to adjust the friction of the ball. Loosen the ball locking knob and tilt the monopod 36° in any direction to get a lot of movements.

Full-Featured Tripod Foot

  • The tripod foot is well built with solid aluminum, offering two positions at your choice. Legs can be folded up reversely to fit, into your rucksack.
  • Fold down and hold the tripod legs as an extension grip to shoot a vlog or to do high-angle shooting.
  • In addition to reducing the weight of the tripod foot itself. Holes on the legs help to bind the monopod to places where it cannot stand firmly.
  • The monopod comes with a rubber foot that can be retracted to reveal a spike.

Great Performance in Extreme Weather

The monopod will never let you down whether in bitter cold or scorching heat (-40°C-100C).

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