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3 Legged Thing Punks Taylor 2.0 Magnesium Alloy Monopod w/ Feet (Black)


Need a monopod that can fit into your travel bag without compromising usability? Meet Taylor 2.0 – a perfectly portable monopod for sports photography, wildlife or videography.

Sirui P-424FL Carbon Fiber Monopod w/ Feet

SKU: #P424FL $199.00

The Sirui P-424 series monopod is a heavy-duty version of the previous P-325 series monopod. The P-424 series is a great combination of monopod, extension rod, and tabletop tripod.

Benro SupaDupa72 Carbon Fiber Monopod

SKU: #MSD46C72 $299.95

Introducing the SupaDupa72 Monopod from Benro, a game-changer for photographers seeking excellence in long lens photography. This carbon fiber monopod has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail to make your photography experiences a breeze.

Davis & Sanford Traverse Pro Monopod with Folding Base (60")

SKU: #TR605MONO $99.99

The aluminum TR605MONO Traverse Pro Monopod with Folding Base from Davis & Sanford has a load capacity of 12 lb and 5 sections, secured by flip-locks, that extend to 60" while folding down to 22.75".

Vanguard VEO 2S AM-234TR Aluminum Monopod w/ Smartphone Holder & Bluetooth Remote

SKU: #VEO2SAM234TR $84.99

The Vanguard VEO 2S AM-234TR is a lightweight, compact, and portable monopod with foldable feet. This aluminum monopod is ideal for mirorrless/CSC/hybrid cameras as well as smartphones. The added feet allow you to have increased stability when shooting stills or action.

Vanguard VEO 2 AM-204 Aluminum Monopod

SKU: #VEO2AM204 $39.99

The VEO 2 AM-204 Aluminum Monopod from Vanguard is a 4-section support that has a load capacity of 8.8 lb and can reach a maximum height of 55.5".

ProMediaGear TR34ML Carbon Fiber 75-Inch Monopod

SKU: #TR34ML $379.95

The ProMediaGear TR34ML Carbon Fiber Monopod is durable and lightweight support you can carry every day. At 1.28lbs, it is the perfect companion while shooting. In addition to that, the TR34ML goes up to 75 inches and the monopod keeps the camera at eye level for regular-sized adults.

ProMediaGear TR42MXL Carbon Fiber 81-Inch Monopod

SKU: #TR42MXL $399.95

The ProMediaGear TR42MXL Carbon Fiber Monopod is durable and lightweight support perfect for everyday carry. At 1.67lbs, it is easy to carry anywhere. But unlike other ProMediaGear monopods, this one does not have an Arca-Swiss clamp. It does have a standard tripod mounting thread. This means you can attach it directly to your camera or mount a ball head on it.

Sirui P-325FS 5-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod with VA-10 Video Head

SKU: #P325FSVH10 $299.00

As an advanced video monopod kit, SIRUI P-325FS+VH-10 can support a heavy camera setup up to 6kg/13.2lbs. The portability of the monopod combined with the smooth operation of the VH-10 fluid head made this kit super ideal for highly mobile situations.

Sirui P-325FS 5-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod with VA-5 Compact Video Head

SKU: #P325FSVA5 $279.00

SIRUI P-325FS+VA-5 video monopod kit is designed for holding lightweight camera setups, adding little burden to your kit when doing outdoor shoots. The innovative modular design allows you to quickly convert the monopod into different forms (extension rod or table tripod) to adapt to various surfaces.

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