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Flexshooter Pro Ball Head

SKU: #FS02010 $599.00
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For medium and large-sized lenses and cameras with a max load of 100 LBS, the PRO has spring counterbalance, no image creep, the double ball system for simple horizon leveling, and Arca Swiss mount. A perfect solution for even the longest lens

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Flexshooter Mini Arca Ball Head

SKU: #FS02020 $579.00
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The most compact entry in the FlexShooter spring-counterbalanced double ball head line, the Mini Arca offers all the advantages of the patented system, which unites three functions in one device.

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Flexshooter Pro Black Edition Ball Head with Arca-Type Flip-Lever

SKU: #FS02011 $699.00
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The Flexshooter's unique precision engineered double ball head allows you to shoot with total flexibility and stability no matter what kit you use. Landscape photographer? No problem. Wildlife photographer? No problem we got you! Shoot level horizons with one simple setting, then pan freely with our weightless support, no more floppy lenses here!




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