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Hoodman Live View Kit for Mirrorless Cameras

SKU: #HMVKIT $149.99

The new HoodLoupe optical module clips on to 2 sizes of mounting bases; the 3" LCD screen base and the 3.2" LCD screen base are both included in the kit. HoodLoupes are built with superior glass optics, a +/- 3 diopter adjustment, and a 1/4 20 mounting solution. The base plate provides and elegant way to mount the HoodLoupe for live view and video capture DSLR functions.

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Hoodman Live View Kit for Mirrorless Cameras

SKU: #HLVKIT $149.99

Hoodman Live View Kits enable photographers/videographers to view glare free outdoor images on their DSLR Live View screens. Hand held Live View shooting now becomes much more stable because you have 3 points of contact...both hands and your eye.

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Hoodman HoodLoupe Outdoor Loupe for 3.2-inch LCD

SKU: #H32MB $89.99

Checking composition, focus and your histogram outdoors is easy with a HoodLoupe. HoodLoupe is worn around your neck. To review images, glare-free, place HoodLoupe over your LCD. HoodLoupe's + 3 diopter adjustment accommodates those with less than perfect vision; turn the eyepiece in or out to set your vision.





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