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Flic Film Aurora 800 (135-36 Exposures) Color Negative FIlm

SKU: #FF01486F $16.00

Flic Film Aurora 800 is a 36-exposure color negative film optimized for low-light conditions with an ISO of 800. It delivers vibrant colors, fine grain, and sharp details, making it ideal for artistic and documentary photography. Its versatility extends to both natural and artificial lighting, capturing the essence of night scenes, indoor events, or fast-moving subjects.

Fujifilm Superia 400 135-36 3-pack

SKU: #600022183 $24.99

3-pack of Fuji Superia 400 35mm 36-exposure

Ferrania P33 35mm Black & White Film (135mm, 36 Exp, ISO 160)

SKU: #FERP3313536 $11.99

With a sensitivity of 160 ASA, the P33 ensures a simpler and more versatile photographic experience compared to the past. Designed to overcome the processing and printing challenges faced by enthusiasts of the P30, the P33 offers distinctive features such as fine grain and defined contrast.

Ferrania P30 35mm Roll Film (135mm, 36 Exp, ISO 80)

SKU: #FERP3013536 $11.99

P30 is is a newly manufactured film engineered with modernized versions of original chemicals, based on the historic cinema formula of the mid-20th century. Each roll features a high silver content, providing high-contrast negatives with almost no visible grain. Shadows are deep and rich, while highlights are punchy and sharp. P30 is a black and white film with an entirely unique character.

Wolfen NC500 Color Negative Film (35mm, 36 Exposures)

SKU: #NC50013536 $11.99

This cinema negative film is now also available to all 35mm enthusiasts as WOLFEN NC500 color negative film. While other cinema films have a remjet layer on the back, this is not required for the NC500, which allows it to be developed in the regular C41 process.

Lomography 2021 LomoChrome Metropolis 120 ISO 100–400

SKU: #F2120MPOLIS21 $11.90

Unique chemical formulas set our LomoChrome color negative films apart. The brand-new, experimental 2021 formula LomoChrome Metropolis features punchy contrasts and muted tones with intense pops of color.

Lomography 2021 LomoChrome Purple Pétillant 120 ISO 100–400

SKU: #F4120LC21 $11.90

Unique chemical formulas set our LomoChrome color negative films apart. The new 2021 formula of our LomoChrome Purple film is a little p├ętillant on the nose. You'll still get the psychedelic purple hues and color-shifting madness, with a sparkling surprise on some frames.

Lomography Color Negative 120 ISO 400 – Pack of 3

SKU: #F4120C3 $24.90

Expect dazzling colors and stunning sharpness with Lomography Color Negative films. Choose ISO 400 for fine grain and unbeatable versatility.

Lomography Redscale XR 120 ISO 50–200 (3-Pack)

SKU: #F1120XR3 $24.90

Bathe your photos in glowing shades of red, orange, yellow and even cool blue – experiment with the extended ISO range to render different results.





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