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Viltrox NF-FX1 Lens Mount Adapter for Nikon G/F/AI/S/D Mount Series Lens to Fuji X-Mount Camera's (Manual Focus)

SKU: #NFFX1 $35.00

NF-FX1 Lens Mount Adapter for Nikon G/F/AI/S/D Mount Series Lens to Fuji X-Mount Camera's. Manual focus, infinity lock, 1/4" detachable tripod mount, and manual aperture control.

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Viltrox F-M43X 0.71x Nikon F Lens to Micro Four Thirds Camera Speedbooster Mount Adapter

SKU: #NFM43X $79.00

Precision-crafted from brass and given chromium plating, this adapter is designed for daily use and will guarantee infinity focus. The adapter features a flocked interior that will limit flaring and ghosting from reflections inside the adapter. A satin finish matches that of most cameras for a unified appearance and it has a detachable Arca-type compatible tripod foot for simple mounting to a variety of tripods.

Note: While this adapter allows users to mount a Nikon F lens on their Micro Four Thirds camera, automatic functions such as autofocus and electronic aperture control will not be supported.

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Viltrox NF-M1 Auto Focus Nikon F-mount Lens to Micro Four Thirds M4/3 Panasonic Olympus Camera

SKU: #NFM1 $189.00

The mount adapter is designed to allow you to mount Nikon F mount lenses onto Micro Four-Thirds caemra bodies. Quick and smooth auto focus ensures premium experience in photography. Focus mode can be changed to manual focus via switch. Metal contacts provide high conductivity, information like shutter, aperture and ISO can be monitored via camera screen. Mount adapter supports lens VR technology, effectively reduce vague or ghost due to vibration caused by active shooting or handheld shaking.

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