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Godox V1Pro N TTL Li-Ion Round Head Camera Flash (Nikon Compatible)

SKU: #V1PRON $329.00

Meet the V1Pro, the next evolution in Godox's groundbreaking V1 flash series. Building on the V1's legacy, the V1Pro introduces expanded modification options, up to 100 continuous shots, and a 10-level modeling light, totally redefining the shooting experience.

Godox Ving Flashgun V350 Mini Speedlite Flash (Nikon Compatible)

SKU: #V350N $159.00

Flashgun Godox V350 is a small and light flash gun with a guide number of 36 that fits perfectly with mirrorless and compact cameras. It weighs only 200g and when mounted on the camera and pointing the head forwards it reaches maximum height of 95mm. Despite its small size, its flash head rotates 270º horizontally and 97º vertically. This allows to receive a lot of freedom in reflecting the flash light from the ceiling and walls regardless of the camera's orientation of pictures in the portrait and horizontal frames.

Geekoto GTR On-Camera Flash ( / Nikon Compatible)

SKU: #GTR $249.99

Offering a powerful 76Ws output along with a distinct design, the Geekoto GTR Flash is an advanced light source with features that clearly reflect the current state of the industry. Compatible with Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II, this flexible on-camera light is distinguished by its round head, which provides soft, smooth light with gradual fall off that augments the flattering output. The head rotates 330 degrees, tilts -7 to 120°, and has a magnetic surface for lightning-fast attachment of Geekoto accessory light modifiers.

Godox V860III-N TTL II HSS Camera Flash with Rechargeable Battery (Nikon Compatible)

SKU: #V860IIIN $229.00
$20.00 INSTANT REBATE on the V860 Iiin Ttl Li-Ion Nikon

The Godox Ving V860III TTL Li-Ion Flash Kit from Godox is fully compatible with Nikon's TTL system. The Ving V860III supports many advanced functions and features the Godox X wireless radio system, which provides both master and slave TTL functionality at a distance.

Profoto A10 AirTTL-C Studio Light (For Nikon)

SKU: #901231 $995.00

The Profoto A10 has been upgraded with Profoto's new Bluetooth enabled technology Profoto AirX. Meaning that you can download new firmware for your A10 wirelessly via the Profoto app. But even better, you can both capture, edit and publish on your smartphone, significantly reducing the time between creative concept and published image. So from now on you can unleash the full power of the A10 no matter what camera you use. Making Profoto A10 a truly future-proof product.

Nissin MG80 Pro Speedlight (Nikon Compatible)

SKU: #NDMG80N $399.95

Integrated wide variety battery system, durable quartz flash tube, the consistent battery recycling time and the high heat-resistant, MG80 Pro provides a stable fast working environment for shooting. Nissin's integrated 2.4GHz Wireless TTL Radio System with a 328' operating range. HSS up to 1/8000th second.

Godox V1 Flash (Nikon Compatible)

SKU: #V1N $259.00
$30.00 INSTANT REBATE on the V1-N V1 Flash For Nikon

The Godox V1's round flash head offers studio-level soft and even lighting that is suitable for portraiture, weddings, event, travel and still life photography. The magnetic mount makes it easy to attach a range of light modifiers in the AK-R1 kit (sold separately). The high performance 2600mAh battery provides 480 full power flashes per charge, and a recycle time of less than 1.5 seconds.

Metz 44 AF-2 Digital Flash (Nikon Compatible)

SKU: #MZ44324N $229.99

The mecablitz 44 AF-2 digital is the ideal solution for price-conscious, dedicated video- and photographers. The clear control panel on the back of the unit impresses with its easy usability and offers a high level of functional reliability. The high performance affords power reserves in any photo situation (max. guide number 44 for ISO 100/21° and 105 mm).

Godox TT350N 2.4G TTL Mini Camera Flash Speedlite (Nikon Compatible)

SKU: #TT350N $84.90
$8.90 INSTANT REBATE on the Tt350n Mini Thinklite Ttl Nik

The Godox TT350N's mini apperance and lightweight design features a powerful 1/8000S HSS and TTL function, 2.4G wireless transmission with maximum controllable distance up to 30 meters, a master & slave speedlite, TT350N will give you a full new experience and help take high quality pictures.

Godox TT685N II Thinklite TTL Flash (Nikon Compatible)

SKU: #TT685NII $129.00
$10.00 INSTANT REBATE on the Tt685n Ii Thinklite Ttl Nikon

This TT685N camera flash applies to Nikon series cameras and is compatible with E-TTL Il autoflash. With this E-TTL compatible flash, your shooting will become simpler. Optic transmission with even illumination and stable output. 2.4G wireless transmission with all--in--one functions and 100 meters further transmission

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