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Saramonic C-XLR+ 3.5mm TRS Female to XLR Male Audio Adapter with Phantom Power to Plug-In-Power Converter

SKU: #CXLR+ $20.00

The Saramonic C-XLR+ is a useful audio adapter that lets you easily connect microphones and audio sources that have 3.5mm male jacks into the XLR inputs on professional video and cinema cameras, audio recorders, mixers, and more. It's compatible with active, battery-powered microphones and passive microphones, such as the lavalier mics that come with wireless systems. If you engage phantom power on the camera or other device, a built-in converter in the C-XLR+ changes the current from +48-volts to the 3 to 5-volt current that plug-in-powered and some passive 3.5mm microphones require. This happens automatically. There are no controls on the C-XLR+ that need your attention.

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Saramonic VWS Professional Windshield & Suspension System (Zeppelin/Blimp) for Shotgun & Pencil Microphones

SKU: #VWS $249.00

The Saramonic VWS is a professional windshield and suspension system for shotgun and pencil microphones that gives you the ability to capture clean-sounding audio in extreme weather conditions. The advanced shock mount suspension system eliminates unwanted vibration and handling noise and performs excellently when used outdoors in high winds, or when used indoors for interior boom pole work, stand usage, or when used handheld with the pistol-grip handle.

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Saramonic UTC-XLR XLR female connector to USB Type-C audio interface

SKU: #UTCXLR $69.00

The UTC-XLR allows you connect a professional XLR microphone to USB Type-C devices. Input a self-powered condenser XLR microphone and dynamic XLR microphone. Output audio to a Smartphone, tablet or Windows PC with a Type-C connector.

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Rode VXLR Pro Transformer-balanced 3.5mm TRS to XLR adaptor

SKU: #VXLRPRO $39.00

The RØDE VXLR Pro is a female TRS mini-jack to male XLR adaptor for connecting RØDE microphones with a 3.5mm output to devices with an XLR input. It utilises an internal transformer to convert an unbalanced signal to a balanced signal, making it ideal for connecting a microphone with an unbalanced output to mixer or interface. Premium componentry ensures extremely low noise when a long cable run is necessary.

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Rode USB-C to Lightning Cable (1.5m)

SKU: #SC19 $29.00

The SC19 is a high-quality Lightning Accessory Cable (USB-C to Lightning) designed to connect MFi-certified USB-C microphones to iOS devices. Measuring 1.5 metres long, it is particularly suitable for connecting the VideoMic NTG to Apple mobile devices with a Lightning port at greater distances. Note: This cable will not charge or sync your iOS device.

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Rode USB-C to USB-A Cable (1.5m)

SKU: #SC18 $15.00

The SC18 is a high-quality USB-C to USB-A cable. Measuring 1.5 metres long, it is ideal for connecting USB-C devices such as the NT-USB Mini or RØDECaster Pro to devices with a USB-A input.

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Rode USB-C to USB-C Cable (1.5m)

SKU: #SC17 $19.00

The SC17 is a high-quality USB-C to USB-C cable. Measuring 1.5 metres long, it is ideal for connecting USB-C devices such as the NT-USB Mini or RØDECaster Pro to devices with a USB-C input.

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Rode PSA1+ Professional Studio Arm

SKU: #PSA1+ $129.00

The PSA1+ is the ultimate studio boom arm for podcasters, streamers and broadcasters. Its innovative parallelogram spring design ensures ultra-smooth movement and precise microphone placement in any position, while its fully damped internal springs and neoprene arm cover eliminate mechanical noise for completely silent operation. Integrated cable management ensures your setup is tidy and its extended reach and full 360-degree rotation make it easy to position your microphone exactly where it needs to be. Take your content to the next level.

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Nikon Z 30 Wind Muff

SKU: #13569 $9.95

The Z 30 Wind Muff is designed to sit on the hot shoe of the Z 30 and covers the camera’s stereo mic to suppress wind noise when shooting video.

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Rode VC1 MINI JACK CBL 3.5mm TRS Extension Cable

SKU: #VC1 $18.00

The VC1 premium shielded 3.5mm TRS extension cable. Measuring 3 metres long and featuring a gold-plated jack and socket, plus a coiled section for easy handling, it is ideal for connecting a RØDE VideoMic to a camera or audio recorder whilst on a boompole.




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