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Thumbnail Photo 1 #13569 Nikon Z 30 Wind Muff
The Z 30 Wind Muff is designed to sit on the hot shoe of the Z 30 and covers the camera’s stereo mic to suppress wind noise when shooting video.

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Thumbnail Photo 2 #CPRN0000019701 DJI Wireless Microphone
With DJI Mic, you can now easily record audio that matches the quality of your videos. It's ideal for creators looking to gain an edge and elevate their content to the next level. It delivers exceptional sound quality and dual-channel recording at distances of up to 250 m. Switch on, connect, and record crystal-clear audio on the go.

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Thumbnail Photo 3 #VC1 Rode VC1 MINI JACK CBL 3.5mm TRS Extension Cable
The VC1 premium shielded 3.5mm TRS extension cable. Measuring 3 metres long and featuring a gold-plated jack and socket, plus a coiled section for easy handling, it is ideal for connecting a RØDE VideoMic to a camera or audio recorder whilst on a boompole.
Thumbnail Photo 4
The SC15 is a high-quality Lightning Accessory Cable (USB-C to Lightning) designed to connect MFi-certified USB-C microphones to iOS devices. Measuring 300mm long, it is particularly suitable for connecting the VideoMic NTG to Apple mobile devices with a Lightning port and features a junction box for cable management.
Thumbnail Photo 5 #BLINK900B2 Saramonic Blink 900 B2 Dual Wireless Clip-On Lavaliere Mic System For Cameras & Smartphones
The Saramonic Blink 900 B2 is a next-generation 2.4 GHz dual wireless system that provides professional, broadcast-quality sound for 2-people to cameras, mobile devices, computers and much more. Ideal for 2-person dialogue and interviews. This ultra-portable dual microphone kit comes with two (2) clip-on wireless transmitters with a built-in mic, two (2) premium professional DK3G lavalier microphones, a single dual-channel receiver, and a powerful portable charging carry case.

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Thumbnail Photo 6 #SRSMC1 Saramonic SR-SMC1 Shotgun Microphone Mounting Clip with Cold Shoe
The Saramonic SR-SMC1 is a microphone mounting bracket clip can accommodate shotgun microphones, pencil microphones, dynamic handheld microphones and other cylindrical microphones measuring 0.74 - 0.86" (19mm-25mm) in diameter.

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Thumbnail Photo 7 #SRULM10 Saramonic SR-ULM10 Ultra Compact Clip-On USB Lavalier Microphone
The Saramonic SR-M1 lavalier is a 3.5mm plug-in powered lavalier microphone with a 4.1’ (1.25m) cable. Designed as replacement lavaliers for the Saramonic Blink 500 and Blink 500 Pro wireless systems. It also works perfectly with wireless transmitters, handheld recorders, as well as DSLR, mirrorless and video cameras.

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Thumbnail Photo 8 #SRM1W Saramonic SR-M1W White Lavalier with 4.1’ (3.5mM) Cable for Cameras and Wireless Systems
The Saramonic SR-M1 lavalier is a 3.5mm plug-in powered lavalier microphone with a 4.1’ (1.25m) cable. Designed as replacement lavaliers for the Saramonic Blink 500 and Blink 500 Pro wireless systems. It also works perfectly with wireless transmitters, handheld recorders, as well as DSLR, mirrorless and video cameras.

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Thumbnail Photo 9 #SRM1 Saramonic SR-M1 Lavalier with 4.1’ (3.5mM) Cable for Cameras and Wireless Systems
The Saramonic SR-M1 lavalier is a 3.5mm plug-in powered lavalier microphone with a 4.1’ (1.25m) cable. Designed as replacement lavaliers for the Saramonic Blink 500 and Blink 500 Pro wireless systems. It also works perfectly with wireless transmitters, handheld recorders, as well as DSLR, mirrorless and video cameras.

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Thumbnail Photo 10 #RCPIICOVER Rode RØDECover 2
The RØDECover 2 is a bespoke cover designed to fit perfectly over the RØDECaster Pro II. Made from high-grade clear polycarbonate that is extremely durable, it ensures both internal and external components of the RØDECaster Pro II are protected from dirt and dust. The RØDECover 2 is a must-have accessory to keep your setup looking neat and professional when not in use.

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Thumbnail Photo 11 #RCPII Rode Rodecaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Studio
The RØDECaster Pro II is the world’s most powerful all-in-one audio production solution. Loaded with cutting-edge next-gen features and supercharged by a high-performance quad-core audio engine, it delivers next-level audio for any content creation application, including streaming and gaming, podcasting, and music production.

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Thumbnail Photo 12 #LavalierII Rode Microphones Lavalier II Premium Lavalier Microphone
The Lavalier II is a premium lavalier microphone that is ideal for the most demanding audio and video applications. With a revolutionary low-profile design, superior sound quality and professional features, it offers the ultimate performance for everything from broadcast and filmmaking to podcasting and content creation. The Lavalier II pairs perfectly with a wide range of audio devices, including the RØDE Wireless GO II and AI-Micro, and also comes with a premium accessory kit.
Thumbnail Photo 13
Joby Wavo PRO On-Camera Shotgun Microphone
Meet JOBY Wavo PRO, the most advanced On-Camera shotgun microphone on the market. Feature-packed with a creator-driven approach, no shooting challenge is too great for Wavo PRO. Built for storytellers, filmmakers and expert content creators, Wavo PRO is designed to pair with the latest camera hardware and brings broadcast-level audio performance to this dynamic and growing audience.
Thumbnail Photo 14
Joby Wavo PRO DS Professional Microphone
The JOBY Wavo PRO DS mic is a professional On-Camera microphone in a simple, easy-to-use package. Designed to deliver high-quality audio straight out of the box, with key impactful features such as safe track (-10db) and Low-cut filter to adjust sound as needed. Charge via a USB-C cable, fit it to your choice of camera hardware and get ready to roll.
Thumbnail Photo 15
Saramonic Blink 500 B2 Ultracompact 2.4 GHz 2-Person Wireless Clip-On Microphone System with Lavaliers & Dual-Channel Receiver
If you want an extremely small, feather-weight wireless microphone system that delivers broadcast-quality sound to use with cameras and mobile devices, with the ability to handle two wireless transmitters so you can put mics on two separate people, nothing is capable of doing this—except for the Saramonic Blink 500 B2. It comes with two clip-on wireless transmitters that have built-in mics, two professional lavalier microphones, and a dual-channel receiver that mounts to the shoe of your . . . .
Thumbnail Photo 16 #WIGOIIS Rode Wireless GO II Single Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System/Recorder (2.4 GHz)
Offering the same ultra-compact form factor and unmatched feature set as the original Wireless Go II, but with just one transmitter instead of two, it’s the ultimate wireless microphone for solo content creators. The receiver in the single set is identical to the dual-channel edition, meaning an additional transmitter can easily be paired for dual-channel recording.

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Thumbnail Photo 17 #VMGOII Rode VideoMic GO II Shotgun Microphone
The VideoMic GO II is designed to make capturing incredible audio incredibly easy. Ultra-lightweight and compact, with powerful features that are simple to use, it is perfect for all forms of content creation with a camera, smartphone or tablet, or computer. It’s time to take your content to the next level.

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Thumbnail Photo 18 #JB01775 Joby Wavo POD Microphone for Podcasting
JOBY Wavo POD is the USB large-diaphragm microphone that simplifies creator workflow and makes all voices sound crisp and clear. Looking for that warm broadcast voice for your new podcast or streaming channel? Wavo POD is the answer for you.
Thumbnail Photo 19 #JB01643 Joby Wavo Mobile On-Camera Microphone
Let’s be real, our smartphone’s mic isn’t the best. That’s why JOBY created the Wavo Mobile. This lightweight, on-camera microphone improves your sound quality without weighing down your rig. It’s super easy to use – just connect one of the two included cables (TRS for camera or TRRS for smartphone) and you’re golden! Plus, it doesn’t require a battery… so, you can slay all day.
Thumbnail Photo 20 #JB01718 Joby Wavo Lav PRO Microphone
Wavo Lav PRO expands the lineup of JOBY microphones,introducing a high-quality lavalier (lapel) microphone with minimalist dimensions and built-in PRO-grade capsule. The reduced dimensions are the key to easy concealment while staying close to the mouth. The capsule can then deliver broadcast quality sound for demanding creators.
Thumbnail Photo 21 #JB01796 Joby Wavo AIR Mounting Pack
JOBY Wavo AIR Mounting pack is a uniquely designed set of accessories for your Wavo AIR, sold separately. Expand the options to place your transmitter or receiver in the most creative way and start recording. Wireless Wavo AIR transmission ensures crystal-clear audio even far from the camera, indoors and outdoors. In a nutshell, Wavo AIR means freedom to create.
Thumbnail Photo 22 #JB01737 Joby Wavo AIR Wireless Lav Kit Microphone
The JOBY Wavo Air is the most flexible and complete wireless lav kit ever. The easy pairing system and the long battery life (up to 6h) bring your freedom to create to the next level. Ideal for Vlogging on the go, to create content far from the camera (up to 50m, 164 ft) or anything that needs your hands free . With its included lavalier and windjammer you have everything ready to start producing your best content ever.
Thumbnail Photo 23 #PORTACAPTUREX8 Tascam Portacapture X8 High Resolution Recorder
Featuring 192kHz/ 32-bit floating point recording technology, a 3.5 inch color touchscreen display for enhanced operational visibility, large format internal detachable mics to accommodate a variety of recording applications, six setup modes each with instant optimized settings, internal 8-track recording, and more, the new Portacapture X8 provides the new standard for portable multi-track recording, podcasts, music capture, voice capture for interviews and vlogs, and field recording to name a few applications.
Thumbnail Photo 24 #LCXLR Saramonic XLR female connector to Apple Certified Lightning Audio Interface (19.5')
The LC-XLR allows you connect professional XLR microphone to your iOS devices

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Thumbnail Photo 25 #JB01716 Joby Wavo Lav Mobile
Capture coolness in style with minimal form factor. The JOBY Wavo Lav Mobile microphone is our most compact, simple, and portable audio solution to date. Compatible with both phones and cameras, the Wavo Lav Mobile comes with three colorful mini fur windscreens - black, red, and rainbow! - to help you show off on the streets and match your production with your creative sense of style and fun.

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Thumbnail Photo 26 #VMIC5 Saramonic Vmic5 On-Camera Shotgun Microphone
The Saramonic Vmic5, a super-cardioid on-camera condenser shotgun microphone, captures and delivers clear and warm sound. The super-cardioid pickup pattern focuses on the sounds in front while still offering a high level of rear rejection, providing broadcast-quality audio to DSLR, Mirrorless, and Video Cameras.
Thumbnail Photo 27 #ZUM2 Zoom ZUM-2 USB Podcast Microphone
The Zoom ZUM-2 USB Microphone is perfect for podcasters, YouTubers, streamers, musicians and voiceover artists. Experience the warm, smooth sound of a professional broadcast microphone in an affordable, simple plug-and-play setup.

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Thumbnail Photo 28 #ZUM2PMP Zoom ZUM-2 Podcast Mic Pack (Mic, Headphone, Stand, Windscreen)
The ZUM-2 Podcast Mic Pack gives you everything you need to record and stream professional-sounding podcasts right on your computer. The ZUM-2 Podcast Mic Pack includes a broadcast-style USB microphone, professional closed-back headphones, an adjustable tabletop mic stand, a foam windscreen and a 2-meter USB cable. All you need is your computer.

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Thumbnail Photo 29 #SRXLM1 Saramonic SmartMic+OP Compact Omnidirectional Mic USB-C for DJI Osmo Pocket
The Saramonic SmartMic+OP is an ultra-lightweight and compact microphone that plugs directly into the USB-C port on the DJI Osmo Pocket and vastly improves the sound quality of the videos you shoot. The omnidirectional pickup pattern excels at picking up a detailed, natural sound of the surrounding filming environment, producing audio that is intelligible and clear, even in busy environments.

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Thumbnail Photo 30 #SMARTMICMTV550 Saramonic SmartMic MTV550 Large Diaphragm Desktop USB Studio Microphone with Headphone Output
The Saramonic SmartMic MTV550 is a unique and stylish USB studio microphone designed to record high-quality, optimized audio from a multitude of sources and scenarios. It features a large diaphragm with a Cardioid polar pattern and 5 selectable recording modes that optimize the EQ curve for different recording sources and applications.

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