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Photo Gear Designs PGD Tracker Kit

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Hunt's Guarantee

  • Wildlife photographers... easily track birds in flight, animals on the run

  • Sports photographers... track hard to follow balls in flight to where the action is

  • Motor sports...

  • Any moving subject that is hard to follow at high focal lengths

  • Great for prepositioning long telephotos on hard to locate distant subjects

The PGD Tracker kit facilitates keeping fast moving photo subjects in the frame while shooting with telephoto lenses without having to look through the camera's viewfinder. Tracking a subject is infinitely easier using both eyes while simply keeping the Tracker reticle on the subject!

Optical reflex sights are used with firearms for one basic reason - fast and accurate target acquisition. The same concept works for long focal length photography. It is very difficult to find and keep moving targets in sight when using the viewfinder! The technical challenge is mounting the sight to the camera in a way that maintains repeatable accuracy. The optical sight must mount to the camera easily and in precisely the same alignment every time!

The Photo Gear Designs ESM-1 (External Sight Mount) design is the result of an evolution and refinement of a simple but extremely precise design. It is built in the USA using the highest quality structural and UV resistant plastic, machined to very close tolerances on modern CNC equipment. The mount rail is aircraft grade aluminum machined to the minimum necessary dimensions. It is anodized for lifetime reliability. The ESM-1 is very strong and rigid yet weighs only 27 grams!

While testing the ESM-1 we discovered an ideal optical reflex sight with the qualities we desired:

- A large lens for the projected reticle with minimum field of view obstruction

- Multiple reticle styles

- Red and Green reticle colors

- Rugged design and good weather resistance

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