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Westcott 18" Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit with Batteries and Stand

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Included Items:

"(1) 18"" Bi-Color LED Ring Light, (1) Power Supply, (2) NP-750 Batteries, (1) Battery Charger, (1) Gooseneck Arm with ¼”-20 Thread, (1) Swivel Mount with ¼”-20 Thread, (1) Mobile Device Mount, (1) 6.5' Light Stand, (1) Carry Case"

  • 18” bi-color LED ring light with built-in diffusion
  • Power with AC adapter or two NP-F750 batteries (both included)
  • Adjustable temperature range 3200-5600K
  • Flicker-free operation and up to 97 CRI
  • For both photography and video applications
  • Ideal for vlogging, beauty shots, portraits, stylists, headshots and more
  • Offers a bold punch of light with distinguished catchlights
  • Minimizes shadows and reduces facial imperfections
  • Includes mounts for mobile devices, digital cameras, action cameras up to 10 lbs.
  • Lightweight design with included 6.5' stand and carry case

Bold Lighting for Vlogging, Live Streaming, Portraits, and More

With user-friendly controls and a hassle-free setup, this 18” Bi-Color Ring Light is a breeze to use. Featuring adjustable color temperature, high color accuracy, and built-in diffusion, this LED ring light allows you'll create soft, beautiful lighting that fills in shadows on the face with iconic catchlights in the eyes.

AC/DC Power Options Included for Use Anywhere

The 18” Bi-Color Ring Light can be powered with the included AC power adapter when you're in you studio or home. When on location or far from a power outlet, you can utilize the two included NP-F750 lithium-ion batteries to power the ring light for up to 70 minutes at full power.

Create the Perfect Light for You

This ring light is fully dimmable and is equipped with an adjustable color temperature ranging from 3200K to 5600K in increments of 25 kelvin. With a high CRI of up to 97, light output is color accurate for perfect skin tones on-camera. The ring light's display screen allows for making power and color temperature adjustments quickly with just a single dial.

Pair With Your Camera or Phone

This LED lighting kit includes two cold shoe mounts and a 1⁄4”-20 mounting option for attaching an array of accessories, like mobile phones, digital cameras, and action cameras up to 10 pounds. All of the ring light kit components are lightweight and fit into the included carry case for easy travel and storage.

Spectral Data

Light spectral and photometric data is measured using a color spectrometer in a controlled environment.

3200K 97 Ra 97 Qa
5600K 97 Ra 97 Qa
CCT = Color Temperature (+/-100K), CRI = Color Rendering Index (+/-1)
TLCI = Television Lighting Consistency Index (+/-1)
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