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Ricoh GR III Premium Compact Camera

MFR# 15039
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When you carry the GRIII you never compromise quality for portability. The new GRIII further expands on the massively popular GRII by upgrading several elements including the lens and sensor. This has created an image with exceptional color and resolution. The new intuitive touch screen allows for easier operability to capture spontaneous moments in life. The GRIII will be the camera you won't leave home without!

Shake Reduction and Dust Removal

Produces crisp blur-free images at slow shutter speeds up to 1/4sec. When the Shake Reduction System is used with D-SLR's, the SR Unit needs to work with a variety of interchangeable lenses, especially telephoto lenses which require more space to offset camera shake. However, the GRIII is equipped with a 28mm fixed focal length lens allowing the SR Unit to be perfectly optimized for the GRIII lens. You also get moire reduction when using the SR unit.

The Dust Removal System is Image Sensor Cleaning using ultrasonic vibrations [ DRII ] It is Activated at Startup & Shutdown [ Default Setting ]

Lens Construction

The lens includes 6 elements in 4 groups (2 Aspherical Lens Elements) The new lens has better macro performance and better optical performance resulting in higher resolution and contrast from center of lens to edge and less ghosting and flaring. The lens barrel is 1.5mm thinner than the GR/GRII when retracted.

Image Sensor

The GRIII has an APS-C: 23.5mm x 15.6mm sensor with 24.23 Megapixels. It features 14bit RAW DNG as compared to 12bit in the GRII giving better tonality as well as a broader tolerance for RAW image editing. You also get 15MP at a 35mm crop and 7MP at a 50mm crop.

Image Quality

The GRIII images have more natural rich colors which is due to the New Sensor and a combination of the new high-performance GR Engine 6 and improved image algorithms, while the newly redesigned optical lens also provides better contrast.

The New RICOH GR Engine 6 produces much better refined rich-detailed images. This is due to a combination of theHigh-Performance processor and new image algorithms. The higher contrast comes from the newly redesigned lens construction which produces better micro-contrast.

Quick Response

The startup time of the GRIII has been cut from 1 sec. to .8 sec. It also has a faster and more precise auto focus.

Intuitive Operation

In order to provide quick and intuitive operation while allowing space for the thumb grip, the layout of control keys was rearranged from scratch. The new 3inch Touch LCD Screen with Capacitive Sensing enables various camera operations. It accepts Tap, Swipe, Pinch-in, Pinch-out gestures. You can select items on Menu as well as quick select of the focusing point and pinch magnifying on the image playback.

Compact Dimensions

The GRIII has a smaller more compact design with a Width of 109.4mm,

Height of 61.9mm and Depth of 33.2mm. This more compact design is achievable even with the APS-C Sensor due to the following-redesigned optical system allows for a thinner lens unit in depth and The Compact Shake Reduction Unit designed specifically for the GRIII lens.

Dials and Customization

The GRIII has increased customization and operations controls. You can program assignable functions on the ADJ lever, the FN button and Touch AF options.

Firmware Updates

Unlike most other products where Firmware Updates are only released to address bugs in the previous Firmware, the RICOH GR series, releases new Firmware Updates to add new features, functions and improvements. Most of the time these Firmware features, functions and improvements are Firmware Updates suggestions from the GR user as only the GR users really know how they want their camera to operate and what features are important to them and their style of photography.

Wireless LAN and Bluetooth BLE

The GRIII will have Bluetooth BLE capabilities offering effortless pairing.When the camera is connected with a communication device via Bluetooth®, the wireless LAN function automatically turns on and off according to the situation.

You can additionally record the location information of the communication device in captured images. Automatically transfer captured images to the communication device after shooting. The format of the transferred files can also be selected.

Also, you can image transfer while camera is off. Set whether to continue to transfer images when the camera is turned off during transfer processing.

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