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Silence Corner ATOLL C 75mm Rotating Camera / Lens Mount

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Hunt's Guarantee

  • Change the camera angle in one second.
  • 180° free rotation, smooth experience. In some condition, it can even rotate to 360°.
  • 3 click points at 0°, 90° and 180°. It's much intuitive to adjust camera angle.
  • Change lens directly without disassemble. (compares to a tripod collar) Extremely safe to change lenses in dark place.
  • Keep center of gravity, more balanced.
  • 3 models + heightening plate, compatible with a variety of cameras.
  • Compatible Cameras
    Canon: R6 II, R6, R5, R
    Leica: SL2, SL
    Compatible Cameras - Heightening Plate needed
    Canon: RP, R7, R10 (required)
    Nikon: Z7 II, Z7, Z6II, Z6, Z5 (recommended); Z30, Z50, Zfc (required)
    FUJIFILM: X-H1, X-T3, X-T2 (required)
    Panasonic: GX8, GX9, G85, S5 (required)
    Olympus: EM5 III, EM5 II (required)
  • Full Compatibility List

The ATOLL was specially designed for landscape photographers, allowing users to quickly adjust the camera angle on a tripod.

Change Camera Angle in a Second

When using the ball head to change the orientation of the camera from horizontal to vertical, it takes a lot of time to readjust the level and position of the target, and you may miss the best photo opportunity.

With ATOLL, this is much easier than using the drop-notch on the side of your ballhead to achieve a portrait orientation. Simply loosen the knob and rotate, you can quickly between portrait and landscape orientation, the camera's center of gravity is always directly above the tripod, the center of gravity will not move, you can easily catch the best photo opportunities.

Stop fiddling with L-Brackets

Mounting an L-bracket is a common solution for portrait photography, but when you switch from landscape to portrait, you have to remove it from the ball head and mount it again. Additionally, the L-bracket will block the side-hinged vari-angle screen and shutter release cable.

It's obviously faster to use the ATOLL then a L-bracket.

Rotate 180-degrees

By rotating the camera, it can be freely adjusted from 0° to 180°. The angle can be easily fixed by simply tightening the knob.

3 Click Points

There are also 3 click points at 0°, 90° and 180°. It's much intuitive to adjust camera angle.

Lens swapping is easy

No need to remove the ATOLL when changing lenses, You can change lenses at any time, The smooth operation experience makes it like a part of the camera.

Check Compatibility (see link above)

Each camera has a recommended ATOLL model, choose the appropriate model to achieve the best experience. If you use the ATOLL D on a mirrorless camera, it may not work because the (4') diameter of the lens is larger than the ATOLL.

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