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Lensbaby Omni Deluxe Collection III (Small, 49-58mm Filter Thread)

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The OMNI Deluxe Collection III from Lensbaby is a complete creative toolkit for photographers and creatives that want to make extraordinary in-camera effects with any lens. It combines all three Lensbaby creative modifier expansion packs and adds two new blue and orange multi-holed inserts for the included Universal Clamps.

OMNI Color Expansion Pack
The OMNI Color Expansion Pack features an array of multicolored films and gels, color crystals, a rainbow diffraction film, and a carrying case.
  • 2 Crystal Effect Wands
  • 5 Lumi Films
  • 4 Textured Lumi Films
  • 5 Color Gels
  • 1 Criscross Rainbow Film
  • 2 Effect Wand Handles
OMNI Crystal Expansion Pack
The OMNI Crystal Expansion Pack contains three glass Effect Wands to offer even more unique, colorful, and ethereal effects to add to your collection.
  • The Crystal Spear is a versatile wand, designed to produce a range of effects from bright specular highlights to kaleidoscope reflections to an aesthetic flare.
  • The Triangular Prism produces fun, surprising, and colorful reflections, which can be adjusted by shooting through the differently sized sides of the prism.
  • The Scalloped Window offers flare and reflection effects due to the scalloped edges and the flat center of the pane keeps your subject visible and recognizable.
OMNI Universal Expansion Pack
The OMNI Universal Expansion Pack with Reflections adds a multitude of configurable effects to the custom-designed special effects already available with the OMNI filter system. Two low-profile universal clamps and two universal clamps with handles let you mount flat or cylindrical items up to 1/4" thick. In addition to the four universal clamps, this Universal Expansion Pack gives you two more magnetic bases plus a wide array of reflective inserts to get you started. Eleven reflective inserts can be bent to distort reflections in the shape and size of your choice providing limitless creative options.
  • Includes All Three OMNI Expansion Packs
  • Produces Creative Reflections and Flare
  • Holds Objects in Front of Lens
  • With Magnetic Mounts and Filter Rings
  • Fits Most Prime and Zoom Lenses
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