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Canon CINE-SERVO 25-250mm T2.95 Cinema Zoom Lens (EF Mount)

MFR# 4573C001
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CINE-SERVO 25-250mm T2.95-3.95 EF

The CINE-SERVO 25-250 T2.95 lens provides cinematographers and broadcast operations with a compact, lightweight design (only 6.7 lbs.) using Canon optical elements, while offering outstanding performance and reliability in professional shooting environments.

The new lens is fully 4K-ready, with a high optical resolution and support for Super35mm large-format cameras. An 11-blade aperture diaphragm helps ensure an artistic and beautiful representation of out-of-focus areas (or "Bokeh").

The lens also features a high 10x zoom magnification, wide focal length range of 25mm to 250mm, and a 180o smooth rotating focus ring. Acknowledging that broadcasters often need to control zoom, focus and iris/aperture in different ways than filmmakers, Canon has developed this zoom lens with full external servo control for drama, documentary and other broadcast productions.

The servo drive unit is compatible with industry-standard protocols for control from a number of lens controllers including Canon's standard broadcast lens controllers (ZSD-300D/FPD-400D) and multiple industry standard cinema lens controllers. The drive unit can be easily removed for cinema-style shoots and can be easily re-attached without any manual re-alignment. A 16-bit metadata output enables connection to virtual studio systems.

High Zoom Magnification 10x, Focal Length 25-250 with 1.5x Extender

The new CINE-SERVO 25–250mm T2.95 lens offers a high magnification, 10x optical zoom with a 1.5x optical extender that increases the telephoto end of the lens to 375mm when engaged.

4K Optical Performance with Canon Cinema EOS Color Science

For cameras equipped with Super35mm CMOS sensors, this lens offers 4K UHD optical performance over the entire focal range. Employing Canon's renowned Cinema EOS color science, the lens' high optical performance matches that of 4K single-sensor, large-format digital cameras for both cinema and broadcast applications with outstanding picture quality extending from the image center to the edges.

Available in EF Mount or Cooke/i Technology PL Mount Options

The lens' EF mount option supports Canon's EF communication protocol. The PL mount version of the lens supports the industry-standard Cooke/i Technology via camera-mount contact.

11-blade Iris

The 11-blade iris produces artistic and beautiful out-of-focus areas or “bokeh.” The use of an odd number of blades allow for attractive circular blurring in out-of-focus regions and help reduce flaring of specular highlights. Additionally, the iris ring is mechanically controlled with no click stops for smooth exposure adjustments while recording.

Compact and Lightweight Lens

Despite being designed for large-format cameras with a T-stop of T2.95, the lens is compact and lightweight, with the type of on-the-shoulder portability desired by broadcast-production and ENG/EFP markets.

Designed for Cinema Style and Broadcast Applications

As large-format digital cameras are used for cinema and broadcast/ENG shoots, videographers are now seeking zoom lenses that are a good fit for both types of production.

The drive unit, while providing remote control of focus, zoom and iris/aperture settings, can be detached to accommodate the use of manual cinema-style lens operation with external FIZ (focus, iris, zoom) equipment.

Focus indicators on the front side of the lens are marked on a beveled surface, making them easier to identify from the rear of the camera especially when shoulder-mounted. A 180-degree focus rotation angle not only fulfills the focusing accuracy required for 4K shoots, but also the operational range needed to pull focus quickly.

The drive unit does not require any alignment when re-attached, is matched by serial number to the lens it ships with and will only function with that lens.

Enhanced, Detachable, Ergonomic Servo Drive Unit with 16-bit Metadata Output for Virtual Studio Systems

The CINE-SERVO 25-250mm is an extremely versatile, compact and lightweight zoom lens with the same detachable servo drive unit found on conventional broadcast-use ENG-style lenses. The servo drive unit is designed with ergonomics in mind and provides a comfortable, familiar feel that many ENG camera operators expect.

The drive unit's LCD display enables users to easily access functions and save user settings. Very fast zoom speeds of up to 0.5 seconds from end to end, or very slow speed of 300 seconds can also be achieved. All changes are made using a toggle switch on the drive unit.

The lens can be connected to different types of virtual control systems via its 16-bit encoder outputs, located on the servo-drive unit. The 16-bit high-resolution encoders provide accurate lens data to a virtual system to help avoid any discrepancy between the changes made in the lens settings and the virtual images.

High Durability and Ruggedness

Leveraging more than 60 years of Canon designing broadcast lenses, the CINE-SERVO 25-250mm offers the ruggedness and reliability required to fulfill the exacting needs of broadcast applications, with a robust chassis construction that is weather and shock-proof.

Flange-back Adjustment Mechanism and Macro Function

Just like the CINE-SERVO 17-120mm, the CINE-SERVO 25-250mm lens allows for flange-back adjustment and macro shooting with easy operation.

Product Category


Product Series

CN10x25 IAS S/E1

Image Composition

Mount Type

EF Mount

Zoom ratio


Focal Length

25 - 250 mm

Maximum diameter ratio

T2.95 at 25 - 187 mm / T3.95 at 250 mm
T4.4 at 37.5 - 281 mm/T5.9 at 375 mm*

Number Of Blades


Angle of View

Aspect ratio 1.9:1
Dimensions 38.1 x 20.1 mm

53.9°x 30.0°at 37.5 mm*
5.8°x 3.1°at 375 mm*

Aspect ratio 1.5:1
Dimensions 36 x 24 mm

51.3°x 35.5°at 37.5 mm*
5.5°x 3.7°at 375 mm*

Aspect ratio 1.78:1
Dimensions 24.6 x 13.8 mm

52.4°x 30.9°at 25 mm
5.6°x 3.2°at 250 mm

36.3° x 20.9° at 37.5mm*
3.8° x 2.1° at 375mm*

Aspect ratio 1.9:1
Dimensions 26.2 x 13.8 mm

55.3° x 30.9°at 25 mm
6.0° x 3.2° at 250mm

38.5° x 20.9° at 37.5mm*
4.0° x 2.1° at 375mm*

*When using built-in 1.5x Extender

Shooting Distance

Minimum shooting distance

1.2 m / 4.0'

Shooting range at closest approach

Aspect ratio 1.9:1
Dimensions 38.1 x 20.1 mm

89.3 x 47.1 cm at 37.5 mm*
9.0 x 4.8 cm at 375 mm*

Aspect ratio 1.5:1
Dimensions 36 x 24 mm

84.4 x 56.2 cm at 37.5 mm*
8.5 x 5.7 cm at 375 mm*

Aspect ratio 1.78:1
Dimensions 24.6 x 13.8 mm

86.5 x 48.5 cm at 25 mm
8.8 x 4.9 cm at 250 mm

57.7 x 32.3 cm at 37.5mm*
5.8 x 3.3 cm at 375mm*

Aspect ratio 1.9:1
Dimensions 26.2 x 13.8 mm

92.1 x 48.5 cm at 25 mm
9.3 x 4.9 cm at 250 mm

61.4 x 32.3 cm at 37.5mm*
6.2 x 3.3 cm at 375mm*

*When using built-in 1.5x Extender

Physical Attributes

Front Diameter


Outer dimensions (w x h x d)

EF: approx. 7.6 x 5.2 x 11.1 in. (approx. 186.7 x 131.7 x 282.1 mm)


approx. 6.7 lb. (3.06 kg)

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