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Sirui T-2204SK Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod and G-20X BALL HEAD

MFR# T2204SKandG20KX
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Included Items:

T-2204SK Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod and G-20X BALL HEAD WITH ARCA-COMPATIBLE QR PLATE

T-S Series Travel Tripods are designed to be light weight and portable. They are the perfect choice for your travel photography needs.

  • Accessory Connecting Port
  • Reversible Center Column
  • Interchangeable Tripod Feet
  • Retractable Two-Stage Center Column
  • Easily Converted to a Monopod
  • Compact 180° Folding Legs

Ergonomic Leg Design

SIRUI S Grade tripods are designed from the users' perspective by collecting thousands of data points from around the world. The S - Grade design provides photographers with an amazing and versatile leg solution that makes SIRUI tripods the perfect companion for today's most demanding photographers.

Magnesium Leg Socket

Magnesium alloy is lighter and stronger and has better shock absorption as compared to other metals. It is widely used in portable equipment and the automobile industry where strength and light weight is very important. SIRUl's new S - Grade tripods incorporate magnesium.

Easily Converted to a Monopod

Remove the detachable leg from the tripod, install the extra (supplied) platform and wrist Strap to the leg for easy conversion to a monopod.Center column can also be added to maximize the height of the monopod.

Accessory Connecting Port

A 1/4" screw socket is included on the spider for easily connecting additional accessories without the need for clips and clamps.

Reversible Center Column

The Center Column is with two retractable sections for adjusting the height to maximize your shooting experience.

  • The hook under the spider of the universal tripods can only add a weight bag for balance, but the hooks on SIRIJI T-S Series tripods can even be used as an Allen Key after it's unscrewed.
  • Bubble Level is included on the spider for easy leveling of the tripod.
  • The T-S Series tripods include interchangeable rubber feet and steel spikes for shooting on all surfaces

G-20X Ball Head with Arca-Compatible QR Plate

The G-20X Ball head features Sirui's unique locking mechanism for guaranteed precision and safety, and offers separate controls knobs for pan and lock. Dual bubble levels allow precise horizontal leveling for critical shooting situations. Includes an Arca-compatible Sirui quick release plate TY-50X.

  • SIRUI's unique locking mechanism for guaranteed precision and safety.
  • Separate control knobs for panning and locking. Friction knob is conveniently located on the main locking knob.
  • Rugged metal knobs for long lasting operation and precision
  • Dual bubble levels allow precise horizontal leveling for critical shooting situations.
  • Arca-compatible SIRUI Quick Release plate TY-50X, anodized aluminum with rubber non-slip surface and 1/4 bolt with folding D Ring for easy attachment to your camera.

  • Diameter: 36mm/1.4inch
  • Height: 100mm/3.9inch
  • Weight: 0.38Kg/0.8lb
  • Load: 20Kg/44.1lb
  • Compatible With:1/2 Series Tripods

Material: Carbon Fiber
Compatible Ball Head:K-20X/G-20X/G21
Sections: 4
Tube Max Dia: 29.4mm/1.2inch
Tube Min Dia: 18.6mm/0.7inch
Min Hgt: 140mm/5.5inch
Max Hgt: 1070mm/42.1inch
Max Hgt Ext.: 1430mm/56.3inch
Retracted Height: 510mm/20.1inch
Folded Height: 400mm/15.7inch
Monopod Max Height: 1460mm/57.5inch
Monopod Min Height: 350mm/13.8inch
Weight: 1.6kg/3.52lb
Load: 15kg/33.1lb

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