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Sony RX0 Ultra-Compact
Waterproof and Shockproof Camera
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Product Description:

Packing legendary qualities into minimal form and pushing limits to get to the origin of ingenuity.The never-ending challenge to tap into infinite imagination and put it into the picture starts at zero. Look at the world in a new way. All you need is in your hands. Nothing will stop you from achieving your vision.

Concentrating qualities of unlimited creative expression in minimalist form, this is the shape of cameras to come. Shoot freely. View the results as you like. The RX0 has the flexibility to join a comprehensive system that opens up imaging to infinite possibilities.

Enter a dimension where you're free to get the atmosphere, timing and everything about the shot just right from your unique perspective. A new world of imaging opportunity awaits your exploration, regardless of the shooting situation.

Key technology for infinite imaging potential

The RX0 seamlessly integrates a cutting-edge lens, image sensor, and image processor within extraordinarily compact dimensions. Delivering tremendous quality under any conditions. Maximizing performance and flexibility with minimal fuss. Advancing all aspects of what makes every shot so special.

Meticulously crafted in 0.1 mm detail

Unleash your imagination and feel free to explore fresh perspectives.With internal mechanisms designed with clearances down to 0.1 mm, the ultra-compact RX0 efficiently packs advanced capabilities that make it a perfect fit for more flexible shooting in any environment, on its own or as part of a multi-camera system.

Made rigid for more flexible shooting

The high rigidity of the extra super duralumin chassis enhances the reliability of the RX0, especially under tough conditions. The camera underwent rigorous, repeated testing to ensure that its superior performance is consistent, especially when shooting scenes of land, sea and air that ideally reveal what true freedom looks and feels like.

Fuller-scale systems made easy

The minimalist design of the chassis makes it easy to use the RX0 on its own or as part of an integrated system in combination with accessories and even multiple cameras. However you choose to shoot with it, this is a camera capable of providing as much flexibility as you need to fulfil your quest for shooting perfection.

Capture more of your vision

With boundless capability contained within a strong, miniature body, the RX0 combines cutting-edge imaging performance and rugged, ready-for-anything design for more versatile operation all around, whether on its own or with multi-camera systems and accessories. With so much creative shooting freedom at your fingertips, your power to bring your visions to life is limitless.

Quality and compactness uncompromised

High technology for high-quality imaging inherited from the RX series is packed into the uniquely solid, rigid, compact body. Along with the Exmor RS™ CMOS sensor and BIONZ X™ image processor, this camera's robust quality and unobtrusive, go-anywhere design ensure that you'll be ready to shoot with more creative freedom at every opportunity.

Robust, mobile design for extended shooting

Its rigid extra super duralumin body and ultra-compact dimensions make great shots easier to take all around. Yet it can withstand much weight, impact, and water; and performs coolly and reliably during tough shoots.

Unique expressive features

Packing professional-class functions to capture captivating images, the strong, compact RX0 gives you the range and freedom to shoot for more inspiration.

(40x normal frame rate).

Anti-distortion shutter of up to 1/32000 sec.

Super-speedy shutter reduces distortion in shots of fast-moving subjects.
[1] Conventional rolling shutter [2] RX0 anti-distortion shutter

Fast continuous shooting

to capture moving subjects in clear detail.

Picture Profile/S-Log2

Picture Profile and S-Log2 gamma settings enable pro-style movie expression.

4K Clean HDMI output

data can be recorded on an external recorder.

Super Effects on Command

Miniature dimensions and all-around versatility maximize your freedom to take and use the RX0 effortlessly anywhere in creative ways -- even with other RX0 cameras spread around to shoot from various perspectives. On its own or as part of a full-scale multi-camera system, the RX0 can broaden imaginations and open eyes to unprecedented recording possibilities.

Infinite potential to shoot the ultimate vision

Multi-angle shooting made easy

Respective optical axes of multiple RX0 cameras used together can be properly aligned for flexible setups, thanks to the cameras' minimalist symmetrical design.

Wireless multi-control function

Supports up to five cameras

A smartphone or tablet with PlayMemories Mobile installed can control up to five RX0 cameras.

Various accessories for diverse use

The RX0 is minimal in physical dimensions and design, yet tremendously ingenious and versatile in every sense. The more accessories and other cameras you use it with, the more you can appreciate how thoughtfully every aspect of such a multi-camera system is integrated to accommodate a range of shooting needs and creative ambitions.

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