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Promaster Promaster Fold-Over Lens Pouch (3.25" x 3.0")

SKU: #PRO4986 $13.95

Lightweight storage for your lenses and adapters up to 3.25" tall by 3" wide. Each Pouch is constructed of soft neoprene making it resistant to dents, dings, and moisture. The Fold-Over top offers quick access to the interior and is permanently attached to the body of the pouch so it can never be separated or lost. When closed, a small hook-and-loop fastener prevents the top from opening unintentionally.

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Promaster Flexible Phone Clamp

SKU: #PRO2929 $14.95

The Flexible Phone Holder makes it easy to attach your phone to most hot or cold shoes and position the screen just about any way you like it. A 4" gooseneck lets you bend, twist, and position the phone for the best view. A licking wheel at the cold foot keeps a secure hold against the hot or cold shoe you mount it to.

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Promaster Desktop Broadcast Stand

SKU: #PRO2949 $39.95

The ProMaster Desktop Broadcast Stand clamps to the edge of a desk, table, or countertop surface up to 2" thick. It supports two accessories while reaching over and around your computer. Use the Desktop Broadcast Stand to support two objects like a camera and a light, or a light and a mic, or ??? Position them at any angle you like using both ball heads. Raise and lower the main upright using its 3 sections with a range of 17 5/8" (min. height) to 41 3/4" (max. height). Then clamp-on the extension arm anyplace along the upright to hold a second accessory.

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SKU: #PRO8630 $24.95

The ProMaster Triple Bracket is can hold up to 3 accessory items securely above your camera using its hot shoe. Microphones, lights, transceivers and similar accessories can now be easily positioned on your camera and within reach.

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Promaster Illuminator Holder Arm

SKU: #PRO5151 $49.95

The ProMaster 5151 Illuminator Arm is a tool for holding many types of reflectors, boards, and backgrounds. It can can be mounted to a light stand either by its sliding center collar, or by its brass 5/8" end spigot. A tilting / swivel mount is included so the Illuminator Arm can be adjusted and maneuvered easily. The strong, large spring clips can be moved along the arm to various positions, allowing them to hold a range of different sized reflectors and backgrounds. The Illuminator Arm works with pop-up reflectors & backgrounds, foam boards, and cloth backdrops.

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Promaster Rolling Studio Stand

SKU: #PRO4234 $199.95

ProMaster's 4234 Rolling Studio Stand is strong and serious. This double riser stand achieves a maximum height of 10'. It uses powerful column locks for maximum load capacity. Folding square legs create an incredibly sturdy base. Locking wheels give make it a joy to use for rolling heavy lights and equipment around a studio and then keeping it in the proper place. And the flat black finish will avoid unwanted / unexpected glare and highlights during a shoot.

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Promaster Universal Cap Leash

SKU: #PRO5079 $3.99

The PROMASTER Universal Cap Leash attaches to your lens and then has TWO different mounting methods for the cap. Either use the sticky pad for caps without a dedicated leash hole or take the sticky off and attach to the mounting hole on your PROMASTER or other premium cap.

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Promaster Lenz Cleaning Cloth

SKU: #PRO4127 $6.95

The PROMASTER LenZ Cleaning Cloth is a special, high-density treated fabric packaged in a unique weatherproof lens-shaped holder.




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