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#1464510 Kodak Photo-Flo 200 Photographic Wetting Agent (16 ounces)
This solution may be used after washing to minimize water spots and drying marks.
#1058270 Kodak D-76 Film Developer (Makes 1 Gallon)
KODAK Developer D-76 is the most commonly used Black & White film developer in existence. D-76 provides full emulsion speed and excellent shadow detail with normal contrast, and produces fine grain.
#1058312 Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent Powder (Makes 5 Gallons)
Promotes removal of fixer from films and fiber- base papers to shorten wash times and make washing at lower wash- water temperatures practical. Dilute 1 part stock solution to 4 parts water.
#1464080 Kodak Kodafix B&W Film and Paper Fixer (Makes 1 Gallon for Film)
General-purpose, single-solution, hardening fixer for papers (1:7) and films (1:3). Liquid concentrate. Makes 1 Gallon for Film, 2 Gallons for Paper.
#5160270 Kodak Dektol Paper Developer (Makes 1 Gallon)
Kodak DEKTOL Developer is a single-powder, easily prepared paper developer for producing neutral and cold-tone images. This developer has a high capacity and uniform development rate. An excellent all-purpose paper developer for tray processing.
#1464106 Kodak Liquid Rapid Fixer for B&W Film and Paper (Parts "A" & "B"), 1 Gallon
Kodak Rapid Fixer is a two-part liquid concentrate for tray manual processing that provides rapid fixation and hardening. Kodak Rapid Fixer also serves as a replenisher to revive and extend the life of the original solution. Recommended for film and other uses where ammonium thiosulfate is an appropriate fixer.
#1058304 Kodak Professional Fixer (To Make 1 gal, 2019 Version)
Kodak Professional Fixer is a general-purpose hardening fixer for use with both black and white film and paper. Its powder formula has a long shelf life and mixes to make 1 gallon of working solution.
#1058536 Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner for Black & White Enlarging Papers (1 Qt)
Produces several cold-brown hues with warm-tone papers. Higher dilutions (1:20 and 1:40), provide slightly cooler tones and enhanced maximum density.
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