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Thumbnail Photo 1 #PRO1019 Promaster Basic BCL33B Connect LED Light
The Basis Connect LED Light is a lightweight, highly portable bi-color LED light that easily connects other accessories to your image capture device. This LED light is easy to take just about anywhere. And thanks to its 3 cold shoes, the BCL33B becomes an important junction for connecting other important accessories too.
Thumbnail Photo 2 #PRO1186 Promaster Basis BMR1 Mini LED Ringlight for Laptops and Mobile Phones
The Basis BMR1 Mini LED Ringlight is a terrific way to add soft, flattering light to photos and videos taken with your mobile device. Use it to shine on another person for great portraits, or direct it toward yourself to improve video conferencing calls and selfies.
Thumbnail Photo 3 #PRO2010 Promaster LED Macro Arm Light
The ProMaster LED Macro Arm Light consists of two lights on flexible arms designed for close-up shooting. It mounts to the camera accessory shoe and is powered by two CR2025 batteries.
Thumbnail Photo 4 #PRO3835 Promaster Small Block Water Resistant (WR) LED Light Kit
The ProMaster Small Block is a tiny, rechargeable, weather-resistant LED light. It utilizes a Chip-on-Board (COB) light source that reduces the specular highlights and shadows sometimes produced by multi-diode LED arrays. The Small Block offers a beautiful 5600K daylight color balance and has a TLCI rating of 95+. At maximum power, this tiny light puts out an impressive 325 lux at 1 meter.
Thumbnail Photo 5 #PRO4980 Promaster Mobile Bi-Color 10" LED RingLight
The ProMaster Mobile Bi-Color 10" LED Ringlight works with smartphones and cameras to create attractive, soft, even lighting for great videos and still photos. It includes an adjustable clamp and ball head to hold your smartphone or lightweight camera in its center. Or, you can mount it to the top of your camera using the included cold foot.
Thumbnail Photo 6 #PRO1018 Promaster PB35B Power Beam Bi-Color LED Light
The ProMaster PB35B is a powerful, flexible, and durable, LED light in a small and convenient package. Use it as an on-camera light, macro light, or accent light. Plus, it acts as a handy USB power bank for convenient charging of other devices. It fits in the palm of your hand and is smaller than most of today's smartphones.
Thumbnail Photo 7 #PRO4095 Promaster Chroma CL36RGB LED Light V2
Weighing in at just 7 oz. and 5/8" thin, the ProMaster Chroma CL36RBG is a pocket-sized light you can take along on all of your creative adventures. As an RBG light, the Chroma CL36RGB is capable of producing 360 distinct hues. The intensity of the light and the saturation of the color can be adjusted from 0 to 100% allowing you to reduce or amplify the brilliance of the color with a turn of the dial. Change the Chroma to its bi-color mode for beautiful, accurate light that has an extended color . . . .
Thumbnail Photo 8 #PRO9860 Promaster Chroma CL36 RGB LED Light
A pocket-sized RGB LED light with 360 colors, bi-color mode, special effects mode, and an integrated, rechargeable battery. Weighing in at just 7 oz. and 5/8" thin, the ProMaster Chroma CL36RBG is a pocket-sized light you can take along on all of your creative adventures.
Thumbnail Photo 9 #PRO1344 Promaster Basis BR130B 14" LED Bi-Color Ringlight
The ProMaster Basis BR130B Ringlight is a bi-color LED light with adjustable color temperature from 3200K to 5600K and an adjustable brightness range of 10-100%. This beautiful ringlight creates an attractive, glowing light that appears soft and even on your subject while reducing shadows. Its direct, flat illumination helps hide blemishes while producing a pleasing round catchlight in the subject's eyes. With an impressive CRI rating of 97+ and a TLCI rating of 97+, the BR130B ensures accurate color rendition and proper skin tones.
Thumbnail Photo 10 #PRO2698 Promaster Ultrasoft 68B 6" x 8" Bi-Color LED Light
The ProMaster Ultrasoft 68B LED Light is a sophisticated light for professional results on or off camera. It produces extremely soft, pleasing illumination without the need for additional modifiers. With it you can create flattering portraits and beautiful video, and it's a terrific tool for macro photography. The Bi-Color design lets you to change the color temperature of light from warm to cool in fine increments. Use it to match the color of other, surrounding light or create a special warm or . . . .
Thumbnail Photo 11 #PRO2127 Promaster Specialist R19RGB Full Color and Bi-Color 19" LED Ringlight
The ProMaster Specialist R19RGB light has all of the benefits of a ringlight: reducing shadows and producing soft illumination and pleasing round catchlights in your subject's eyes. This 19-inch ringlight has an output power of 1,050 lux at 3', and its 120-degree beam angle spreads the light over a broad area. In bi-color mode, the color temperature of this light is adjustable from a warm 3200K to a cool 5600K. The Specialist R19RGB boasts CRI and TLCI ratings of 98+, ensuring accurate color rendition . . . .
Thumbnail Photo 12 #PRO4611 Promaster Basic B88B 2-Light B-Color LED Kit
The ProMaster Basis B88B 2-Light Kit will improve your portraits, group photos, product shots, and more. It's great for lighting interviews and other types of video sets as well. The kit is extremely compact and great for travel. It takes up little room when being stored.
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