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#1753C005 Canon Production Accessory Kit for C700
Canon Production Accessory Kit for C700

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#XDCAFX9 Sony XDCA-FX9 Extension Unit for PXW-FX9 Camera
Connecting directly to the PXW-FX9 camera with no cables needed, the XDCA-FX9 extension unit provides convenient additional features to enhance shooting convenience and flexibility.

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#3937C001 Canon CM-V1 EF Cinema Lock Mount Kit for the Canon EOS C500 Mark II
The Canon CM-V1 EF Cinema Lock Mount incorporates the EF mount electronic contacts and allows you to mount virtually any Canon EF mount lens, either the stills variety or the cinema lens variety, on your camera. The kit includes the locking EF mount and a shim kit for precisely adjusting the mount on your camera to ensure the correct flange distance. Many of the zoom Cinema lenses require the distance from lens to the image plane be precise for the best optical and mechanical performance. This is where this Cinema lock mount comes into play.

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#3936C001 Canon PM-V1 PL Mount Kit for the Canon EOS C500 Mark II
Canon PM-V1 PL Mount Kit for the Canon EOS C500 Mark II

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#Crane3SPRO Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S PRO 3-Axis Stabiizer
From intense chasing shoot to studio filming, different types of shooting environment require both high capacity and flexibility of shooting equipment. Bearing filmmakers in mind, ZHIYUN felt the Crane series can be even better to adapt to strict and unpredictable filming environment. Now introducing the new CRANE 3S E, the legendary gimbal built on a heritage of innovation with magnificent motors and brand new modular design, which aims for wider application and intuitive control.

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#MPKHSR1 Sony RX0 Camera Waterproof Housing
Ground aluminum alloy material is used to make this camera housing waterproof down to 100m/330ft. under water. Moreover, this underwater housing's shockproof and crushproof performance also enhances protection of the camera from impact.

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#MBT03 ikan 4x4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box (Tilta)
The Tilta 4x4 Carbon Fiber Matte Box from ikan features carbon fiber and aluminum construction that makes it lightweight and durable. The matte box will work with lenses up to 100 mm in diameter. It features two independent 4 x 4 rotating filter stages and mounts onto lightweight 15mm rods. The matte box incorporates a swing-away design for rapid lens changes.

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#MVCCL Manfrotto Camera Cage for Large DSLR Camera
Camera Cage Large is a quick release, height adjustable cage that fits larger DSLR cameras like Canon 1DC, 1DX, 1DXmkII, 1DmkIV, 1DmkIII, NikonD3X, D4, D4s, D5, D800*, D810*, and many cameras with battery grips installed.
#ATOMACCKT1 Atomos Accessory Kit for Shogun/Ninja Inferno & Flame
This Atomos Accessory Kit is designed for Shogun/Ninja Inferno and Flame recording monitors. The kit includes an HPRC hard flight case to protect the recording monitor when traveling. The case features a molded interior and accomodates all of the included accessories; the USB 3.0 docking station allows you to connect multiple recording monitors to charge or transfer files to your PC; two NP-F750 5200 mAh batteries; fast charger; coiled DC barrel to D-tap and a 2.5mm to Dual 2.5mm control cable; . . . .

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#211899 Sling Media SlingStudio CameraLink
The SlingStudio Camera Link allows you to use your supported HDMI camera or camcorder to wirelessly send video to Sling Studio from up to 300 feet away. Camera Link gives you professional-quality content by sending up to 1080p60 video at up to 30 Mbps using H.264 encoding. Camera Link also flexibly mounts to your camera or tripod, seamlessly integrating with your rig.

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#MVCCM Manfrotto Camera Cage for Medium DSLR Camera
Camera Cage Medium is a quick release, height adjustable cage that fits medium size DSLR cameras like Canon 5DMKII, 5DMKIII, 5DMKIV, 5DS, 5DR, 7DmkII, 7D, 6DmkII, 6D, 70D, 77D, 80D, and Nikon D300, D500, D600, D610, D750, D850, D7500, D5600.
#MVCCS Manfrotto Camera Cage for Small DSLR Camera
Camera Cage Small is designed for the Sony A7 series and Panasonic GH5 cameras, which utilize a top-mounted XLR audio module for sound recording.
#MVR901EPLA Manfrotto Pan Bar Remote for LANC
Pan-bar remote control for cameras with Lanc (Sony and Canon). - REC/STOP - Zoom direction switch - Max-speed zoom potentiometer - Stand-by push button - RET push buttons (play back latest 5s) - REC, Zoom and Focus indicator LED's - Zoom and focus direction knob (by software) - Multi-speed Zoom and Focus knob - Focus/Zoom switch - Auto/Man Focus switch

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#AGIMB004 GoPro Karma Grip 3-Axis Gimbal for Hero 5/6 Black
Capture stabilized footage so smooth your ordinary shots will look extraordinary. Enjoy professional, cinema-quality video whether you're hiking, biking or chasing your kids through the park. Karma Grip captures the amazing handheld and body-worn perspectives only a GoPro can now--with pro-quality stabilization. Simple built-in camera controls let you power on and off, change modes, start and stop recording, and add HiLight Tags on the fly. Capture incredible... Karma Grip.
#STRA7III Ikan Stratus Cage for Sony A7 III Series Cameras
The STR-A7III is a new form-fitting camera cage direct from Ikan. The frame is shaped to accommodate the Sony a7 III and a7R III camera bodies. The cage comes in three main parts: the top handle, the base, and the camera frame. The camera frame is shaped specifically to the Sony a7 III-style body, with cutouts on top for button and dial access. Room has been made on the left and right sides of the cage for access to memory card slots, A/V inputs & outputs, and remote port access. There is also a . . . .

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#CINECAMPOCHDXB Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Battery Grip
The new Pocket Battery Grip lets you power external flash disks allowing customers to record to the disk used for editing. It will even power the camera for over 2 hours on a single charge. As it's designed to integrate into the cameras design, it's more comfortable to hold the camera on longer shoots. Unlike regular external battery packs that hang off the camera, the Pocket Camera Battery Grip is integrated into the cameras design itself, so it doesn't add a lot of weight and it fits perfectly.

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#RTS36 Glide Gear 36' Rubber Track with Carry Bag
36 foot, 1" Diameter. Works best with skateboard wheel dollies, such as the Glide Gear track dolly.

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#CIDSLR000015 Cinevate DSLR Counter Balance with Rails Block and Two 15mm Carbon Rods
This counterweight quicky and easily slips onto any Cinevate shoulder mount system in a matter of seconds. The aluminum extrusion is hollow and designed to be filled with whatever materials are at your disposal.

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#213381 Sling Media SlingStudio Backpack
The SlingStudio Backpack allows you to protect and carry your SlingStudio equipment anywhere. Designed with the highest level of shock resistance. The SlingStudio Backpack has padded compartments to fit all of your SlingStudio devices and associated equipment, including your laptop and multiple SlingStudio Batteries and Camera Links.

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#ATOMXSDI01 Atomos AtomX SDI Module for Ninja V
The new AtomX SDI module for Ninja V gives creators the ability to record and output 4K video over 12G-SDI. The AtomX SDI module turns the Ninja V into the most versatile 5-inch SDI and HDMI monitor-recorder ever built. The SDI connectivity provides flexibility for any video or film production to allow all crew including directors, cinmatographers, sound recorders and focus pullers to monitor and replay identical and calibrated content in HDR at the same time.

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#SYL101 Glide Gear 12 Ft Straight Aluminum Track for Tripod Dolly
12 foot straight dolly track (aluminum) for tripod dollies. Weighs 15 lbs and comes in 3 portable 4-foot sections in its own carry bag. Works great with the Glide Gear 960 Track Dolly.

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#SYL960 Glide Gear SYL-960 Video Camera Track Dolly Hybrid
The SYL-960 by Glidegear is an amazingly versatile track dolly. This unit will allow you to make world class professional films for a fraction of the price of some of the other upper end track dollys on the market. There's no sacrificing quality with the Glidegear SYL-960, which is machined from aircraft grade 6061 anodized aluminum alloy to very tight tolerances for maximum precision and strength.
#CIFFAS000022 Cinevate Articulating Grip Gear Ring and Lever Kit
The Small Camera Articulating Grip is effortless to pack and setup, providing extra stability when shooting. It's 360 degree Swivel Grip mounts to any DSLR or camera with its 1/4"-20 mount. Using the grip provides extra stability when shooting. The grip is made of CNC aluminum, composite, stai
#210878 Sling Media SlingStudio Battery
The SlingStudio Battery allows you to use SlingStudio anywhere without a power cord, making it easier for anyone -- from video lover to pro -- to use SlingStudio on the go
#ATOMXSYNC1 Atomos AtomX SYNC for Ninja V Monitor
The AtomX Sync module brings professional wireless timecode and sync plus Bluetooth control to Ninja V, perfect for enhancing DSLRs, mirrorless cameras or game recordings. You can sync and/or control literally thousands of Ninja V units equipped with AtomX Sync modules on the same network at ranges of up to 300m. Multi-cam shoots have never been so easy. AtomX modules bring broadcast level standards to any HDMI camera or source, making it easy to integrate large sensor consumer cameras easily into traditional live productions.

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#GPVPT2BT Sony GP-VPT2BT Wireless Shooting Grip
An ideal grip and tripod for general photography or vlogging, with built-in BLUETOOTH® wireless remote control. Attached to a compact or mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, this shooting grip offers outstanding hold and positioning versatility for still and movie shooting.

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#2076SR SmallRig Baseplate for Canon C200 and C200B
SmallRig Baseplate 2076 is exclusively designed for Canon C200 and C200B. It includes an Arca QR plate on the top and a baseplate(with ARRI dovetail groove) at the bottom. It could offer lots of additional attachment options and enables the camera to release its potential to the utmost as per the needs of cameraman during shooting.
#CIFFAS000021 Cinevate Small Grip and Focus Lever
A pocket sized solution, the Small Camera Grip is effortless to pack and setup, providing extra stability when shooting. The Focus lever itself can be twisted clockwise to loosen, the angle changed, and then twisted counter-clockwise to lock it in position.
#CIDSLR000011 Cinevate Small Camera Articulating Grip
A pocket sized solution, the Small Camera Articulating Grip is effortless to pack and setup, providing extra stability when shooting.

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#CCC2271SR Smallrig Cage for Canon 5D Mark III IV
The SmallRig CCC2271 is a custom and form-fitted cage designed to provide an all-around protection and mounting options for Canon 5D Mark III IV. It locks camera firmly via 1/4'' screws at the bottom. And it protects camera from twisting and scratching. Attached Slotted screwdriver on the bottom of the cage provides convenience for you to lock and unlock camera. The cage maintains the battery door, ports and buttons of camera access.

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