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Lenses and Filters
#LBCFEG Lensbaby 5.8mm f/3.5 Circular Fisheye Lens for Samsung NX
Redefine distortion and extend your vision to a 185 degree field of view--beyond what the eye can see. The Circular Fisheye lens brings out your warped side, shaping twisted images with polished focus as close as ¼-inch from the front. Create architecture shots with unique flare, and turn shots in tight spaces into contorted masterpieces. Go crazy. Seriously.

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#SEL075UWC Sony 21 mm f/2.8-22 Ultra Wide Converter Lens for Mirrorless Cameras
This dedicated ultra-wide converter for the FE 28 mm F2 lens provides an even wider 21 mm focal length, and because it is specifically designed for the full-frame FE 28 mm F2 it delivers imposing wide perspective with high resolution throughout the image area from infinity down to the closest focusing distance, without compromising lens image quality.

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#SEL057FEC Sony SEL057FEC Fisheye Converter
An affordable way to add top-quality 16-mm fisheye capability to your creative toolkit. Simply attach and enter a new world of visual expression. This dedicated conversion lens for the FE 28 mm F2 provides 16 mm focal length with fisheye perspective and a full 180-degree angle of view (diagonally). The converter has been specifically designed for the FE 28 mm F2, and therefore offers expressive fisheye perspective with excellent image quality from infinity down to the closest focusing distance, . . . .

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#DSFEWASB Century Precision 3x Ultra Fisheye Lens
for Sony DSR-PD150, DCR-VX2000 and DSR-250
Get the profound barrel distortion characteristic of fisheyes. Nearby objects appear closer and distant objects seem to recede. On the Sony PD150, the .3X Ultra Fisheye Adapter yields a horizontal viewing angle of 125° (180°, measured diagonally). The 35mm focal length equivalent is 13mm.

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