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Thumbnail Photo 1 #LCSCUPP11 Lume Cube Suction Cup Mount with 360° Ball Head
Mount your Lume Cube LED light on any flat surface with this Suction Cup Mount with 360° Ball Head from Lume Cube.

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Thumbnail Photo 2 #LCKITMINIBH Lume Cube Panel Mini LED Light with DSLR Camera Mount
The Lume Cube Panel Mini is about the size of a credit card and less than a half-inch slim. It's designed for pretty much all on-the-go applications with compact cameras. It also has an aluminum housing.
Thumbnail Photo 3
Rotolight Illuminator Bundle
The Rotolight Illuminator is the ultimate light modifier to add to your creative arsenal; creating a soft, flattering light that wraps beautifully around your subject to create simply stunning portraits. At 51 inches with an umbrella style frame, its circular shape produces a beautiful large round catchlight in the eye. Built using select materials to ensure minimal light loss, the Illuminator is highly reflective to maximise output and works with any Rotolight product, speedlight, LED light or . . . .

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Thumbnail Photo 4
Rotolight Rotolight Ultimate VLogging Kit
Are you a content creator, YouTuber or makeup artist looking to produce great results? Easy to use and quick to set up, effortlessly create great looking videos with the Rotolight Ultimate Vlogging Kit. Consisting of Rotolight's award-winning ring light and mini desktop tripod, easily mount your light, mic* and any smartphone to capture high-quality video at home or on the go.
Thumbnail Photo 5 #RLAEOSBTBUN Rotolight AEOS LED Light with V-Mount Battery & Charger
Introducing the new Rotolight AEOS -- a powerful, ultra-portable, all in one bi-colour LED light and HSS flash, that brings tremendous versatility to any shoot. Designed for portrait and location photographers and videographers on the move, AEOS is lightweight and portable thanks to its ‘ultra-thin' design concept. Now includes integrated Elinchrom Skyport HSS flash receiver.
Thumbnail Photo 6 #RLNEOII Rotolight NEO 2 LED Light
NEO 2 is a revolutionary LED light, that combines the ‘shoot what you see' benefits of continuous light, with the flexibility of High-Speed Sync (HSS) flash, for more power or to freeze action. With no recycle time, you'll never miss a shot.

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Thumbnail Photo 7
Smith Victor CINE-TRAVELER LED LIGHT 1500 Lumens On-Camera LED
The SlimPanel 2-Light Kit features 2 soft LED lights, using a high CRI LED. With the built-in diffuser it produces both bright and soft light. It works equally well for photography and video lighting applications. Examples include portraits, ID, child portraits, still life, product photography and video interviews. They feature a slim compact design with AC/DC power optional (2 batteries NP-F batteries per light required for option of DC use). These lights are easy to carry and convenient for various applications.

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Thumbnail Photo 8 #MLUMIMUSE8ABT Manfrotto Lumimuse8 On-Camera LED with Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Large, bright and powerful. The Lumimuse8 with Bluetooth wireless technology is the biggest LED light in the Lumimuse range, and yet is still highly portable for your working environment.

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Thumbnail Photo 9 #APD0116A17 Aputure Amaran AL-F7 On-Camera Variable Color LED Light (3200 to 9500K)
The Amaran AL-F7 is an updated version of Aputure's popular AL-H198. It has a maximum brightness of up to 14000 lux @ 0.3m with a 45-degree beam angle. The F7 features an exceptionally high color accuracy rating, boasting a CRI and TLCI of 95+. Featuring an expanded bicolor range of 3200K-9500K, the F7 allows you to light any scene imaginable and makes it easier to control your brightness and color temperature. The F7 is lightweight and compact, affordable, and of course, extremely bright.

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Thumbnail Photo 10 #APX0119A2W Aputure ight Storm LS C120D II LED Light Kit (V-Mount Battery Plate)
The Light Storm COB120 is the first Chip-On-Board design of the Aputure Light Storm series. It features two models with two different color-temperatures: the LS C120t (3000K) and the LS C120d (6000K). With these two powerful variations of the same great light, the Aputure Light Storm is more versatile than ever.

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Thumbnail Photo 11 #LP1200 Litra LitraPro Bi Color LED Light
LitraPro™ is the world's first full spectrum bi-color compact video and photo adventure light on the market. Built with bluetooth compatibility, adjustable color temperature, and fully dimmable lighting, the LitraPro™ achieves an entirely new level of compact, rugged, professional lighting.

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Thumbnail Photo 12 #400 Lupo Superpanel Bicolor 1x1 Light
"The Superpanels are the new LED panels with latest-generation LEDs, designed for television studios of every size and for video footage in studios or on-location outside. The Superpanels use 400 high-quality LEDs, with high luminous efficiency, to ensure an accurate colour temperature and a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) and TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index). The Superpanels emit an exceptionally powerful, uniform and enveloping light. Extremely lightweight, compact and handy, they . . . .

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Thumbnail Photo 13 #GVBV162B GVB Gear On-Camera Light for with Hot Shoe Adapter
162 LED lights, with a CRI95+ press it to switch brightness and color temperature .when rotating it , the brightness (20%-100), or color temperature Uses both Sony NP batteries or AC power (both not included) LCD display, can be side stacked with more lights Come with hot shoe adapter

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Thumbnail Photo 14
Freewell Underwater Light For All Action Cameras
"Freewell underwater light with aluminum cooling head is build to last , Powered by rechargeable 2200mAH Lithium Polymer battery to maximize runtime for 3.5Hrs & with 6 high-powered XT-E CREE LEDS to maximize luminosity up to 1000 Lumens. Waterproof up to 40m/130FT IP68 rated is perfect to shoot underwater with your GoPro & other action camera."

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Thumbnail Photo 15 #LEDELK Savage Edge Lit Pro LED Light Kit
The Savage Edge Lit Pro LED Light Kit uses LED bulbs that shine inward from the outer edges of the light and are then redirected through a soft white panel. The result is a stunning soft, even and low shadow softbox effect. This makes this color adjustable light source perfect for everything from no hot spot interviews to portrait photography. Included in the kit are Savage's auto-extending and collapsing Drop Stand light stands.
Thumbnail Photo 16 #LEDELLG Savage Edge Lit Pro LED Light
The Savage Edge Lit Pro LED Light uses LED bulbs that shine inward from the outer edges of the light and are then redirected through a soft white panel. The result is a stunning soft, even and low shadow softbox effect. This makes the color adjustable light source perfect for everything from no hot spot interviews to portrait photography.
Thumbnail Photo 17 #32003GZ Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern and USB Powered Hub
The Lighthouse Mini Lantern and USB Power Hub offers 210 lumens of brightness and will run up to 500+ hours on a single charge, depending on brightness. The built-in 1A USB port and 3000mAh battery provides up to one full charge on your smartphone, depending on model.
Thumbnail Photo 18 #C803F60C Gisteq Flashmate II N101 Macro Ring Flash and LED Video Light
GiSTEQ Flashmate™ II Ringflash is the newest addition to our Flashmate family! It features a higher CRI value of over 95, which renders the truest colors for subjects. This capability gives the Flashmate II Ringflash extreme color accuracy and reproduction for critical applications.

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Thumbnail Photo 19
Gisteq Flashmate F-198A Dimmable LED Video Light
The GiSTEQ Flashmate F-198A LED Video Light is a lightweight, powerful on-camera, continuous LED source that uses special Matrix Lighting technology to light your subject evenly, edge-to-edge without hot spots. By simply rotating the Angle Adjustment wheel you can activate only the 25 degree spot LEDs or only the 60 degree flood LEDs. Alternately, activate them both for an approximately 40 degree beam.

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Thumbnail Photo 20 #LED204 Savage Luminous Pro LED Video Light
A versatile LED light source for photographers and videographers on-the-go. Multiple Savage LED Video Lights are connectable with the optional Multi-Connector 2-Pack. The connectors allow multiple lights to connect and pivot up to 15° to create a wraparound light effect.
Thumbnail Photo 21 #MLOFFROAD Manfrotto Off Road Led Light & Bracket
Off road ThrilLED is a brand new LED light with a dedicated aluminum bracket that will work perfectly with your GoPro®, letting you record your adventures all day long. The lightweight, portable Off road LED light features Surface Mount LED Technology. With a 60° beam angle and a luminance of 225 lumens, it guarantees very bright images in low-light conditions and is an ideal soft-fill light. * GoPro Camera not included
Thumbnail Photo 22 #LGHTF Savage Macro Art Dual LED ARM Light
Savage MACRO ART Adjustable dual arm LED light is an exclusive accessory for DSLR macro photography that provides a daylight balanced light source to illuminate fine detail captured at close range. Unique bendable arms contort in any direction to light difficult macro subjects with ease. Conveniently trigger a single light, or both LED arms when set to flash mode.
Thumbnail Photo 23 #MLUMIEPLBK Manfrotto Lumimuse Series Play LED Light and Accessories (Black)
The LUMIE Play is the smallest LED in the LUMIE range. With such diminutive dimensions, the Play is perfect for keeping in a small bag or even your pocket to give you that extra lighting kick when you need it. It is a great multi-purpose light, especially useful for videos and as fill light in photography. The USB rechargeable Li-Pol batteries provide superb battery life allowing you to make the most of the photo/video shoot.
Thumbnail Photo 24 #MLUMIEMUBK Manfrotto LUMIE Series Muse LED Light & Accessories (Black)
The LUMIE MUSE is the largest and brightest LED in the LUMIE range but is still ultra-portable. Keeping one or two LUMIE Muse' in your kit bag will give your portable lighting set a real kick without all the extra weight and space needed for traditional lighting. The LUMIE Muse is great for lighting in myriad situations with excellent maximum light output and 4 step dimming to regulate light intensity.
Thumbnail Photo 25 #LLC300 LED Light Cube LLC-300 Dual LED Light Cube Kit
The LED Light Cube is a high-end, portable and interlocking flash & constant light source. The light cube has ZERO recycle time, better control over light output and no external battery packs. The Cube can just as easily double as a video light delivering 5,600k daylight-balanced light as well as perform as an accurate and balanced flash.
Thumbnail Photo 26 #VB1011US Bowens Mosaic 30x30cm Daylight LED Panel with Anton Bauer Battery Plate
The Bowens Limelite Mosaic 30x30cm Daylight LED Panel provides a brilliant 4200 Lux of high quality brilliant 5600deg.K daylight - perfect for both studio and location video lighting or photography.
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