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Studio Lighting
#LR160BLK Godox LR160 LED 3200K-8000K Bi-Color Ring Ligh (Black)
- Color temperature of 3300-8000°K - Adjustable brightness 10-100% - 19.4" Diameter, 160 LEDs
#UL150 Godox UL150 Silent LED Video Light
The Godox UL150 is a 5600K daylight-balanced 150W LED video light. It introduces a new heat-dissipation system without a cooling fan while still maintaining efficient heat dissipation, making it super silent and a welcome lighting source for professional broadcasting use, cinematography, YouTube, and other video applications as users can focus more on the content and never trouble from any noise interference.
#SL150II Godox SL150W II LED Video Light
The Godox SL150W II is the upgraded version of Godox SL150W, The Godox SL150W II Boasts 58,000 lux@1m with the reflector, creating an impressive bright light. With Dimming from 100% to 0%, you can achieve lighting flexibility in different scenes. With a CRI/TLCI rating of 96/97, it produces highly accurate color renditions and delivers pristine and natural results, greatly saving your post-production time and money.
#8500414A Light & Motion STELLA CL 2000 ACTION KIT
The CL 2000 Action Kit is a lightweight kit that lets professionals create images as they see them with a powerful continuous light. A favorite of photographers and fast moving filmmakers who need a punchy light without time to spare, the on-location versatility ultimately invites creativity while working under extreme time pressure. The lightweight platform allows the light to be hand held and removes the hassle of trying to move bulky lights and stands to keep up with the action, plus the integrated . . . .
#8500398C Light & Motion STELLA CL 1000/2500
A revolutionary solution for content creators whose images include both underwater and topside footage, the CL 1000/2500 is the first professional grade hybrid light in an ultra-compact design. With the ability to illuminate underwater at a full 2500 lumens but transition seamlessly to topside use at 1000 lumens - the compact CL 1000/2500UW is ideal to mount on both topside cameras and underwater camera rigs.
#6252WEST Westcott Solix LED 2-Light Kit by Jen Rozenbaum
Solix is the first compact continuous LED light source with an integrated rotatable speedring for attaching traditional mid-sized softboxes up to 4.5 lbs. Designed with powerful high-end LEDs, the Solix's continuous daylight-balanced output eliminates the guesswork in lighting. It's color accurate with a 96 CRI that compliments ambient daylight. A dual-purpose dial controls both power and dimming up to 2,125 lux at 1 meter. The built-in tilter bracket allows for quick positioning and umbrella mounting. . . . .
#LED700KBI Savage 700W Bi-Color LED Studio Light Kit
The Savage 700W Bi-Color LED Studio Light Kit features two energy efficient, dimmable and blendable bi-color LED chip bulbs. Each light generates the equivalent of 350W incandescent light and provides 20,000 hours of lamp life. Color temperature can be adjusted from 3200K to 5600K to match any available light source. Bulbs can be separately controlled with included remote up to 50 feet away. Blue gel domes are included for creative light effects.
#DP2497K Amvona Dynaphos DP-2497 Professional Continuous Lighting Kit
Dynaphos professional series continuous lighting kit. Includes one light box and stand with extra lamps. Also includes rolling carry case.

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#KT500U Smith Victor KT500U Two-Light 500-Watt Photoflood Kit with Umbrellas
Designed to fill basic lighting requirements at an exceptionally affordable price. Each Kit has hand spun reflectors made of high strength aluminum.

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#PRO4001 Promaster CoolLight 85W Fluorescent Photo Bulb (5500K)
85 watt energy saving daylight photo bulb (5500 degrees Kelvin) for use in CoolLight 3-in-1 system.

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#PRO3987 Promaster SystemPRO Cool Light 3 in 1 Lighting System (80cm Octagonal)
The CoolLight 3 in 1 uses 4 compact fluorescent photo flood lamps for an output of up to 1350 watts (equivalent) of cool color corrected light. Use the CoolLight 3 in 1 as a softbox, as a reflector, or with an umbrella. Lamps not included.
#PRO2118 Promaster SystemPRO 3-Light Studio with Reflectors
The PROMASTER Basic Studio Reflector Kit is an ideal economical choice for those who need a basic continuous lighting setup. The reflector is a deluxe 11" reflector with a built-in stand adapter and umbrella holder. The porcelain socket lamp housing is suitable for use with either traditional incandescent photo flood bulbs or newer fluorescent photo floods.
#INT116 Interfit Super Cool-lite 5 Continuous Flourescent Flood Light
These units offer a convenient yet economical method of modern studio lighting, suitable for use with conventional still digital or video cameras. The INT116 provides a soft uniform diffused light. Ideal for Portraits in a confided area or web based product photography, and can be combined with a light pod or pop up light tent.
#CL150FS Photogenic Minispot Spotlight
This versatile little spotlight can be focused from a small intense spot to a broad flood of smooth light, and is especially suited for highlighting portrait subjects.

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