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Miops Camera Trigger Smart
Kit (with Panasonic Compatible Cable)
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Features Tech Specs

Included Items:

(1) MIOPS Smart Trigger, (1) BL5C Battery, (1) Panasonic Camera Connection Cable, (1) Flash Connection Cable

Product Description:

MIOPS Smart Trigger takes your photography skills to the next level

MIOPS Smart is a versatile camera and flash trigger in a single unit and provides advanced modes like Lightning, Sound and Laser activated camera trigger. It also contains Intervalometer to work as a Time Lapse Trigger.

11 Different Mode of Operations:

Lightning Mode:
Lightning mode as the name suggests this is a “light activated trigger”, capturing events such as lightning, fireworks and other occasions where a sudden change in light is detected.

Sound Mode:
Sound Mode can be used to capture High Speed events like popping balloons, breaking glasses, exploding items etc

Laser Mode:
Laser Mode is great for wildlife, water drops and exploiding items. A basic laser pointer is required to use this feature.

Timelapse Mode:
Timelapse Mode triggers your camera to your desired time interval between each shot. It is easy to create Timelapse videos.

HDR Mode:
HDR Mode allows the user to set the MIOPS Smart to fire off a burst of bracketed shots of up to 7 frames with an exposure bias of 1/3, 1/2 and 1 stop.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Mode:

DIY mode allws you to trigger your camera by receiving any type of external signal as a triggering event.

*Scenario Mode:
In this mode you can create a custom scenario with up to five different steps. In each step, MIOPS Smart can use either the same or a different sensor.

*Cable Release:
You can use your smartphone as a remote control and trigger your camera once you click the button on smartphone app.

*Press & Lock:
Press & Lock mode will open the shutter with a tap on the screen. The shutter will remain open until you tap the screen again.

*Press & Hold:
Using Press & Hold mode you can keep the shutter open as long as you want. The shutter will open when you press the circle and it will close whenever you release it.

*Timed Release:
In this mode you can keep the shutter open for a certain period of time. You can specify the time period in seconds. You can go up to 1 hour.

*These modes cannot be used standalone. They are supported with the smartphone application only.

Package Content
The package of a Miops Smart includes the following items:

1 x MIOPS Smart
1 x BL5C Battery
1 x Camera Connection Cable
1 x Flash Connection Cable

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