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Promaster Lens Kit (Hurricane Blower, Lens Cleaning Solution, Lens Cloth, CapLeash)

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This custom ProMaster Lens Kit includes:

  • Hurrican Blower
  • OptiClean Lens Cleaning Solution
  • Lens Cloth
  • CapLeash

ProMaster Hurricane Blower

The PROMASTER Hurricane Blower is a double-valved rubber blower that when squeezed, produces a very powerful "jet" of air designed to remove dust and dirt particles on the camera, lens and imaging sensors.

ProMaster OptiClean Lens Cleaning Solution

OpticClean is PROMASTER's specially formulated cleaning solution for all of your delicate optical surfaces. The handy squeeze bottle is small and compact. Keep several on hand so that your supply of OpticClean is always within reach.

ProMaster MicroClean Cleaning Cloth

The PROMASTER MicroClean cloth is a special high-density treated fabric that absorbs oils and easily removes fingerprints, dust and other particals from delicate lens and LCD surfaces, leaving them sparkling clean and clear. The MicroClean cloth is safe for use on all coated optical surfaces as well as glass, polycarbonate and LCD surfaces.

Promaster Universal CapLeash

The PROMASTER Universal Cap Leash attaches to your lens and then has TWO different mounting methods for the cap. Either use the sticky pad for caps without a dedicated leash hole or take the sticky off and attach to the mounting hole on your PROMASTER or other premium cap.

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