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Sony HVL-F45RM Compact
Radio-Controlled Flash

Features Accessories

Product Description:

  • Powerful flash lighting at guide number (GN) of 45*1
  • Operates as on-camera flash, radio wireless commander or receiver
  • Wirelessly Supports 15 units in up to 5 groups2
  • Recycling time of approx. 2.5 sec. and up to 210 bursts3
  • High visibility dot-matrix LCD and tab-structure menu
  • Quick Navi control interface to change settings fast
  • Custom key settings to assign frequently used features
  • Compact, lightweight, reliable dust and moisture resistant design4
  • Flexible bounce head; 180° left/right, 150° up and 8° down
  • Powerful LED light for movies and stills

Powerful, compact flash with a maximum lighting output up to GN45 has radio wireless communication that supports multi-flash photography and professional shooting. The HVL-F45RM ensures sufficient illumination even with bounce lighting or high-speed-sync (HSS) and the radio capabilities allow it to be used as a transmitter or a receiver at up to 98 (approx.) feet with up to 15 units in up to 5 groups*, making it an ideal fit for creative lighting with multiple flashes.

Compact yet powerful

Master the light in your photography with the HVL-F45RM. This compact wireless flash packs a powerful guide number 45*1 and recycles in as little as about 2.5 sec. 3, supplies reliable stamina for as many as approx. 210 bursts1, and even delivers sufficient illumination for bounce lighting or high-speed-sync (HSS) flash. Whether you're professional or enthusiast, it's the versatile small flash for sophisticated output. It's ideally suited for use with Sony's mirrorless cameras.

Advanced abilities for the widest range of shooting situations

Wireless radio-controlled flash gives you the most consistent results without pairing errors. Control signals can reach receivers even in challenging conditions such as distant locations, strong sunlight, or when the flash is behind the subject, which can make optical flash sync difficult or even impossible. The compact clip-on HVL-F45RM flash can operates as an on-camera flash, radio wireless commander or receiver in multi-flash setups to meet your off camera creative lighting needs.

Multi-flash photography via radio wireless communication

Radio wireless communication is available in addition to conventional optical communication. Since this flash unit can be used as both commander (to send signals) and receiver (to accept signals), it supports a wide range of shooting conditions. As a commander, this flash can be paired with other HVL-F45RM units or combined with optional wireless radio commander (FA-WRC1M) and receiver (FA-WRR1) for use with other compatible flashes and studio lights. It can connect with up to 15 compatible off-camera flash units or receivers in up to 5 groups2. You can also take advantage of wireless firing and varied output flash level control for flashes up to 98ft. away.

Downsized with dust and moisture resistant design4

Equip yourself for varied shooting conditions with this compact lightweight clip-on flash. Dramatically reduced in size and weight from the HVL-F43M, the new HVL-F45RM is ideally suited to the 7 series. Reliability built with a dust- and moisture-resistant design4 for confident outdoor shooting. It's a smaller, easier-to-carry flash for convenient use in field, studio, and wherever you need adaptable lighting support.

High visibility dot-matrix LCD and tab-structure menu

Usability has been maximized with a new large, bright LCD display. Enjoy intuitive operation with an easy-to-read dot-matrix LCD designed for enhanced visibility. It uses the same tab-menu structure as the camera to support quick setting changes in shooting situations.

Quick Navi and customizable to change settings fast

Speed up lighting setup and operation with Quick Navi and key customization function. One press of the function (Fn) button calls up the Quick Navi screen, letting you directly change shooting settings with ease. In addition, you can easily assign frequently used features to custom keys and the control wheel, enabling assignment of various settings including lighting compensation level and power level. The HVL-F45RM also provides a memory setting function (MR1/MR2) to register frequently used modes and combinations of adjustable values for easy recall.

Bounce head for flexible lighting

Rotate the flash bounce head up to 360° horizontally — 180° in both left and right directions — and tilt it 150° upward and 8° downward. You can freely position illumination to match changing shooting needs depending on shooting situations

Powerful LED light

The powerful built-in LED light supports shooting stills and movies in dimly lit venues.

Flash distribution setting

Types of flash distribution can be selected from standard (STD), GN priority (CENTER) or Wide-angle priority (EVEN).

High-speed(HSS) sync with wireless flash support

While conventional sync shooting requires the shutter speed to be the same or slower than synched flash speed, this narrows the aperture, making it difficult to capture background bokeh effects. However high-speed sync (HSS) flash can be used at any shutter speed — even up to the highest shutter speed provided by the camera. This allows aperture increases as needed to create a narrow depth of field, keeping the subject in perfect focus against a blurred background for beautiful portrait shots. Wireless high-speed sync is also possible with compatible cameras.

Through-the-Lens (TTL) wireless flash

Even when performing wireless flash shooting, flash output can be determined based on accurate measurement of the amount of light through the lens. Since the user can freely change position and direction of the flash unit exactly as desired, it's possible to soften intense shadows and suppress blown highlights when shooting a subject from right in front (of the subject), or add soft shadows that emphasize a sense of depth and presence. Wireless flash ratio control is available.

Lighting control with Advanced Distance Integration (ADI)

The HVL-F45RM works in conjunction with ADI-compatible camera and lenses with built-in distance encoder for high-precision ADI lighting control. By acquiring accurate distance information between the lens and subject, ADI delivers precise flash intensity control. ADI is virtually unaffected by the reflectance of subjects or backgrounds, achieving TTL lighting control for higher precision of flash level control on the basis of precise distance information.

Auto zoom control optimized for image sensor size

The HVL-F45RM automatically selects the appropriate flash coverage for the focal length of the lens on the attached camera within the range from 24mm to 105mm. This function also adjusts the flash zoom to match the camera's image sensor size. Since flash coverage differs significantly for cameras using 35mm full-frame and those with APS-C size image sensors for example, this intelligent function automatically provides the optimum light distribution depending on image sensor size.

Auto White Balance Adjustment

Color temperature at time of flash shooting is affected by the guide number and flash type in use. With Auto White Balance Adjustment, color temperature information is automatically transferred from the flash unit to the camera for correct white balance setting, thereby enabling more natural color reproduction.

Multi/Micro USB ports

The HVL-F45RM features a Multi/Micro USB port for supporting firmware update to the latest version via connected PC.

1 At 105 mm and ISO 100 in meters

2 Up to 5 groups in GROUP mode setting, and up to 3 groups in TTL or Manual mode settings.

3 According to Sony's internal measurement conditions.

4 Structure is designed for dust and moisture resistance but does not prevent all dust or moisture ingress.

5 Wireless radio communications supports only compatible cameras. For compatible cameras, refer to support page of our web site.

*Camera shown not included.

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