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FW-89 FreeXWire Digital Set
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Product Description:

Wireless TTL, Sync, and Shutter control
Quantum's new QTTL® system links Qflash 5d series flashes to digital and film cameras – wirelessly. Get wireless TTL for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Hasselblad, Mamiya, and Contax cameras. Quantum's QTTL Adapters with a FreeXWire FW9T Transmitter will send commands to one or more remote FreeXWire receivers connected to Qflashes.

8 Independent Channels - FreeXWire has eight unique Channel codes. FreeXWire units set to one Channel cannot activate FreeXWires set to different Channels. You control the Channel code to make FreeXWire units work together or independently, as required.

4 Zone Control, plus Local - Each of the 8 Channels also control 4 Zones. Zones are different from Channels - you can activate one, two, three, or 4 Zones in any combination. In this way, you can control and change the lighting remotely from your position.

A "local" zone activates or deactivates a local, on-camera flash. In all there are 32 Zone combinations and 256 Channel/Zone settings at your disposal.

Receiver FW8R - Employ this receiver with any shoe or handle mount flash, or Qflash as a wireless flash sync. When connected to a Qflash and TTL adapter, TTL information is relayed wirelessly. Or connect the FW8R to a camera with a shutter release cord to activate a camera shutter up to 1000' away.

Let Quantum update your existing FreeXWire FW10 to FW10w to perform the same functions as the new FW8R for HI. (Contact Customer Service for details.)

Transmitter FW9T provides simple operation, increased range, and lower cost. Match it up with an FW7Q, FW8R, or an upgraded FW10w Transceiver. You can match sets of FreeXWire units to work together on the same channel, or separate groups of FreeXWires can work independently on different channels.

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