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ILFORD MultiGrade IV RC Portfolio
Glossy Paper (8x10", 25 Sht)
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Product Description:

Images of Distinction... The Exibitor's Paper for Exibitions Prints
Latest in the range of RC based MULTIGRADE paper products is MULTIGRADE IV RC Portfolio paper. Portfolio paper further expands the highly acclaimed MULTIGRADE range of variable contrast printing papers. The popular MULTIGRADE IV paper attributes are now available on a genuine double-weight RC base. Prints suddenly have a distinctive edge and an elegant advantage when handled. For the hobbyist, prints that impress and for the professional, prints that sell. MULTIGRADE IV was the paper that brought with it maximum control over print quality with the convenience of RC processing. It reveals the subtlest of highlight details by printing them progressively softer with mid to low filtration but still retaining shadows in deep rich blacks. Black and white prints that have the double-weight feel, the image control of MULTIGRADE IV and the convenience of RC processing ensure that Portfolio paper will become the choice of discerning printers. Portfolio paper will appeal to the hobbyist, professional photographer, pro lab and specialist photofinisher seeking to provide a differentiated service. MULTIGRADE IV RC Portfolio - the paper that adds prestige to prints. has over 100 years of expertise in black and white photography and continues to develop outstanding products for both picture taking and print making. MULTIGRADE IV RC Portfolio is a quality, variable contrast paper on a double weight (250g/m2) resin coated base. MULTIGRADE IV RC Portfolio paper is available in: 1K glossy and 44K pearl, in a range of standard sheet sizes. Technical Data MULTIGRADE IV RC Portfolio paper is designed for use with most enlargers and printers, that is, those fitted with either a tungsten or tungsten halogen light source. It is also suitable for use with cold cathode (cold light) light sources designed for variable contrast papers. Other cold cathode (cold light) and pulsed xenon light sources may give a reduced contrast range. Safelight Recommendations MULTIGRADE IV RC Portfolio paper can be used with most safelights for black and white papers. The 902 safelight filter is recommended. Contrast Control Seven full grades of contrast, in half grade steps, are available on MULTIGRADE IV RC Portfolio paper. Contrast is controlled by using MULTIGRADE hand filters, MULTIGRADE 600 equipment, other variable contrast enlarger heads or colour enlarger heads. Machine Processing MULTIGRADE IV RC Portfolio paper can be processed in all conventional machines for black and white resin coated papers. It is not suitable, however, for activation type processing. Finishing MULTIGRADE IV RC Portfolio paper responds in the same way as other resin coated papers to the usual techniques of toning, chemical reduction and retouching. It can be mounted using the standard techniques for resin coated papers. Storage and Display MULTIGRADE IV RC Portfolio prints which have been processed as recommended will have a more than adequate storage life for most purposes. Print life will be shortened, however, in adverse storage conditions, or if the print is exposed to oxidising gases. It is recommended that prints made for display are toned to protect them from the oxidising gases that are found in many environments.

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