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Impossible Project

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Product Description:

Our SilverShade materials are the perfect analog medium to capture every shade and every scent of your most magic moments. Due to their complex chemical nature, however, we have had to face the sometimes tiresome fact that some of our most favorite shots exhibited unwanted after effects or alterations, especially with our older generation films and under humid conditions. Now these fragile artworks can be protected for eternity and beyond by utilizing our scientifically developed DRY AGE procedure. To make sure that your memories never fade, please pay careful attention to the following:

For your SilverShade images to remain in perfect condition they have to lose all humidity within the picture. This is exactly what the Impossible Dry Age Kit does. Having been scientifically long-term tested, the application of the Dry Age procedure enhances the results of your Impossible images, guarantees highest improvements in picture stability and drastically reduces unwanted aging alterations over time.

  • To be used with all Silver Shade film images ideally in the same week of exposure for up to a month afterwards
  • Silver Shade films most affected by humidity; currently the kit is the best solution for the film's archival preservation
  • Reusable air-tight bag stores 8-10 images

How to use the Dry Age Kit

  1. Take the two silica packs and the humidity indicator out of the small silver bag.
  2. Put both silica packs into the bigger silver bag.
  3. Add a stack of max. 8 pictures. Put the humidity indicator on top of the pile. Seal the bag securely.
  4. Leave the pictures to dry for about one month. It's OK to take them out briefly for viewing. During the drying process, periodically check the humidity indicator, which should be blue. If the color of the indicator has changed from blue to pink, please regenerate the silica bags.
  5. For future use, make sure to regenerate the silica bags
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