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Miops Smart Camera
Trigger (Samsung Compatible)
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Product Description:

Take almost impossible photos by turning your regular camera into a high speed equipment!

MIOPS Smart Trigger is a versatile camera and flash trigger in a single unit and provides advanced triggering modes like Lightning, Sound, Laser, Timelapse, HDR and more.

Easiest way of capturing Lightning Strikes

With the help of the integrated light sensor, Miops Smart Trigger detects the lightning strike and triggers your camera instantly. The best and easy to use Lightning activated trigger ever.

Stop the motion when the laser beam is broken

MIOPS Smart Trigger will turn your regular camera into a high-speed photography equipment. Freeze the water droplets, bullets or photograph the animals using Laser Trigger mode.

High speed photography is a piece of cake with Sound Trigger mode!

Trigger your camera or flash by sound! So you can capture things like breaking glass, popping balloons etc that you wouldn't be able to do normally

Combine multiple sensors for SPECIFIC SCENARIOS

Create custom scenarios by combining all available modes with up to five different steps. Use either the same or
different sensor in each step. For example, set MIOPS Smart Trigger to take a photo at the first sound event after the laser beam is broken.

Perfect gadget to create timelapse sequences

Timelapse mode lets you specify the interval time anywhere between one second and one hour, as well as how many photos to be taken. Program your timelapse photos for days or even months.

High Dynamic Range Photos

Flawless pictures with different exposures taken automatically. Even if your camera doesn't have a bracketing
feature, it allows you to set a center exposure, as well as the over and under exposures needed in order to make an
HDR image.

Technical & Features

MIOPS Smart is energy efficient and compatible with iOS & Android smartphones with Bluetooth Low Energy support.
It is only less than an inch in thickness, so it consumes very little space in your camera bag.

Smartphone Controllable

Control your Miops Smart Trigger from your smartphone and get new features.

Firmware Upgradeable

MIOPS Smart Trigger has an upgradable firmware so it is open to new features and upgrades.

Long Battery Life

Long Duration and Supports Hundreds of Cameras
Rechargable & Replacable Battery.

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