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LED Light Cube LLC-300 Dual LED Light Cube Kit
Studio / Lighting / Flash / Video Lights / Continuous Lighting

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LED Light Cube

Web Price: $1,275.00
Availability: In-Stock

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Product Description:

The world's first portable and interlocking LED flash and light for filmmaking and photography.

  • Master control
  • Continuous High speed flashing at full power
  • High Capacity – over 15,000 flashes @ 1/60 of a second duration from a single battery charge at full power
  • Over 150 Watts / 5,000 Lumens of light output
  • Stackable. Build versatile light banks
  • Stable color temperature
  • Modelling light feature
  • Trigger remotely via sync cable, wireless trigger or as light sensitive slave
  • Adjustable flash speed. Adjust the flash speed of the unit to shoot at faster or slower durations. 8000MS – 1Sec. Compact and easy to pack and transport – 10cm x 10cm x 10cm

The LED Light Cube is a high-end, portable and interlocking flash & constant light source. The light cube has ZERO recycle time, better control over light output and no external battery packs. The Cube can just as easily double as a video light delivering 5,600k daylight-balanced light as well as perform as an accurate and balanced flash. 

The LED Light Cubes come with 1/4"-20 threaded mounting points on all 4 sides, so that the Cubes can be joined together in larger light banks. And a Master control array mode allows all units to match the one Masters units settings. Removable orange rubber O-rings provide a soft surface around the edge of the cast alloy Light Cube case, and also allow an air gap for heat dissipation.

Continuous High Speed Flashing At Full Power 
By drawing from super-bright LED technologies, The LED Light Cube not only emits a high quality light but there is no recycle time between flashes. This means it will out-perform any camera or radio trigger in the market. 

Adjustable Flash Speed 
Despite its small size, The LED Light Cube offers the photographer incomparable control over the output of light, The Cube can 'freeze time' at speeds of up to one eight-thousands (1/8000) of a second. At the other end of the scale The LED Light Cube can flash for up to 1 second. 

All-in-One Flash And Video Lighting 
Due to The LED Light Cube using an LED model rather than a filament, the Cube can just as easily double as a video light as well as a flash, which is particularly handy given the current proliferation of SLR cameras shooting digital video. The user can swap from shooting stills to shooting motion picture in the blink of an eye. 

Ultra High Performance Internal Battery The LED Light Cube features the latest lithium ion polymer battery technology for the highest possible battery performance in the smallest of sizes, which is the secret to the Cube's portability. 

Interlocking Capability 
Once you have one LED Light Cube, you can upgrade by adding more Cubes to create large studio light banks. Double the Cubes, double the power. Easily go from 300 to 600 to 1200 watts of light power by simply adding on Cubes.

No Recycle Time

The light Cubes do not have any traditional flash tube or capacitors, so instant recycle times are possible, even at full power!  This means the Cubes can keep up with the frame rates of the fastest DSLR’s, even at full power!

Adjustable Flash Duration

The Light Cubes flash durations are also fully adjustable at any power level! From motion freezing 1/8000th of a second, to as long as 1 second.

Modeling Light

Unlike most hotshoe flashes which do not have any practical modeling light available, the LED Light Cubes are inherently built around a continuous light source. Providing a very practical modelling light and focus assist aid while in flash mode as well.

On Board Lithium-Ion Battery

No AA batteries to manage. The LED Light Cubes are powered by interchangeable Lithium-Ion battery packs, capable of over 15,000 full power pops at 1/60th duration. Or constant video light of around 45 minutes.

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