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LensAlign Fusion Bundle - MkII + FocusTune Version 4

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*Not compatible with Mac OS Catalina at this time.

LensAlign Fusion is a money saving bundle consisting of the LensAlign MkII hardware and FocusTune software. The latest MkII and FocusTune encorporate design changes that optimize the speed, accuracy, and reporting necessary for efficient determination of the proper autofocus adjustment for your camera and lenses. The LensAlign Fusion integrated system offers features and performance that cannot be matched by other methods. Your LensAlign MkII will be shipped to you, and your FocusTune License Key and download link will be emailed to you.

LensAlign MkII Generation 4

For years, LensAlign MkII has been the proven Focus Calibration System preferred by hundreds of professional photographers for its simplicity of design and structural integrity. LensAlign uses your camera's menu-based AF fine-tune function to match each of your lenses precisely to the camera body. You don't have to settle for out-of-the-box performance from your lenses. You can now make them as sharp as they can be. Now we are proud to announce a new generation of LensAlign, the result of our extensive research and testing with the latest AF systems on the market, using the latest calibration software.

Bring your lenses back to life.

DSLR autofocus systems may not be as precise as you think. Manufacturing tolerances often result in subtle mismatches between camera bodies and lenses, resulting in poor autofocus performance. This can cause your images to be softer than they should be. Every maker of hi-end DSLRs acknowledges this by providing auto-focus adjustment capabilities right in their camera's menu systems.

LensAlign MkII is the proven solution that offers accurate and repeatable calibration for each of your lenses. Photographers can use LensAlign to determine if the auto-focus system of their camera is working properly with each and every lens. In other words, using LensAlign, one can assess whether a specific camera body and lens combination is capable of attaining the maximum sharpness for that pairing. And if not, LensAlign is the premiere solution for determing the best setting in your camera's auto-focus adjustment menu.

FocusTune Version 4 Software

Match your lenses to your DSLR and get all the sharpness they can deliver with the simple and accurate software solution. Together with the LensAlign, you'll have the ultimate autofocus micro-adjustment calibration insurance for all of your lenses.

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