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LIGHTING / Continuous Lighting / Video Lights / Bi-Color LED

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Westcott Solix Bi-Color Jen Rozenbaum
2-Light Kit with Softbox 2x3 and Stripbank 1x3
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Product Description:

  • Versatile 2-light 180-watt bi-color LED kit for photographers and video content creators
  • Adjustable 3200K tungsten to 5600K daylight color temperature range
  • Hassle-free accessories with a magnetic mounting system
  • Patented integrated locking speedring for rod-based modifiers up to 4 lbs.
  • High-quality light output with color accuracy up to 97 CRI and 98 TLCI
  • Operates with wired AC power or optional D-Tap/PowerTap battery
  • Consistent flicker-free performance with low-decibel fan
  • Up to 3100 lux output at 1 meter per light
  • Create the perfect key and hair/rim light with the included Softbox and Stripbank
  • Also includes ½-stop hard diffusion caps, barndoors, power supplies, 10' light stands, and durable wheeled case

Impressive Light Quality

The powerful 90-watt Solix Bi-Color provides dimmable output up to 3,100 lux at 1 meter with color accuracy up to 97 CRI and 98 TLCI.

Hassle-Free Design

A single control dial with digital display is used to adjust color temperature and intensity to eliminate any guesswork. Adjustable 3200K tungsten to 5600K daylight compliments any environment.

Built for Portability

The compact Solix Bi-Color LED is lightweight and compatible with wired AC power and optional D-Tap/PowerTap battery with D-Tap cable.

Unmatched Versatility

Solix Bi-Color is a continuous light source with locking rotatable speedring for attaching rod-based softboxes up to 4.5 lbs. The tilter bracket allows for positioning and umbrella mounting.

Consistent Performance

With flicker-free output up to 960 frames per second, minimal heat through prolonged runtimes, and a low-decibel internal fan, the Solix is an ideal light source for both photographers and video content creators.

Added Convenience and Control

The removable all-metal barndoors and diffusion cap precisely direct and soften output. These accessories can be used separately or in tandem. The PowerStrap secures the power source directly to a stand or boom. A padded travel case stores and protects the kit during travel.

Rugged Design for Years of Use

Westcott softboxes are top-rated in the industry for high-quality materials and components. These softboxes are equipped with flexible steel rods, protective rod padding, and reflective fabric to maximize light output.

Spectral Data

Light spectral and photometric data is measured using a color spectrometer in a controlled environment.

3200K 97 Ra 98 Qa
5600K 97 Ra 98 Qa
CCT = Color Temperature (+/-100K), CRI = Color Rendering Index (+/-1)
TLCI = Television Lighting Consistency Index (+/-1)

CRI Measurements

3200K 97 99 99 94 95 99 97
5600K 96 98 96 98 97 94 99
3200K 98 98 95 93 90 99 96 99
5600K 97 90 97 95 79 96 97 94

Photometric Data

Solix Bi-Color LED
1 m / 3.4 ft 2700-3100 250.8-288
3 m / 9.8 ft 327-380 30.4-35.3
5 m / 16.4 ft 120-137 11.1-12.7
FC = Foot Candles
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