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Westcott uLite 2-Light Collapsible
Softbox Kit with LED Bulbs
Availability: In-Stock (Limited Qty)

Features Tech Specs

Product Description:

  • Complete 2 light kit for budding photographers
  • Quality 35-watt daylight LED bulbs with tungsten caps
  • Easy-to-use Edison-style light fixtures
  • Collapsible softboxes offers light control and softening
  • Creates the perfect key light and fill light setup

Named a Hot One award winner by Professional Photographer magazine, the uLite is a compact 500-watt constant light with a low price tag. Unlike the competition, the uLite is constructed on a nylon-based polycarbonate with built-in tilter bracket that makes the uLite is extremely durable and heat-resistant. This is an ideal light source when working in small spaces and is compatible with both incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs.

Quick and Easy Setup

Unlike traditional softboxes, uLite modifiers literally set up in seconds. With just a simple push on the uLite softbox's center bracket, this dedicated modifier assembles and locks into place providing control over your uLite. You can purchase the uLite and uLite softboxes separately or in kits.

Certified for Safety

All uLites are approved by both the CE the CSA for safety. These light sources are tested on heat emittance, durability, and construction, ensuring their ability to be used around infants, children, pets, and products.

Quality Daylight LED

Each lamp is made up of 64 bright light emitting diodes that are rated for over 20,000 hours of use. These LED bulbs are daylight-balanced and include a removable tungsten gel cap. They are able to render accurate skin tones with a 95 CRI rating.

nstantly Switch to Tungsten Lighting

The LED bulb can be changed from daylight to warm tungsten lights with the included tungsten gel cap. The durable plastic cap snaps directly onto the LED lamp.

uLite Softboxes

These compact square and octagonal softboxes are designed specifically for the uLite. Both are rated for up to 500-watts and collapse in seconds making them very easy for travel.

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