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Sekonic C-700R-U
SpectroMaster Color Meter
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Product Description:

The Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700R-U is designed for motion and still image captures who must produce quality results with proper subject color while working with multiple types and brands of light sources. A full-spectrum color meter, the C-700R can precisely measure LED, HMI, Fluorescent sources, new-style plasma lamps as well as tungsten lamps, natural light and electronic flash. Its high-resolution measuring system, featuring CMOS sensor, capture and displays spikes in light source output to provide unsurpassed color measurement accuracy.

The C-700R-U's large, color touch screen displays light-source information as a color spectrum graph that is expandable for closer inspection, CRI (Ra plus R1 to R15), Kelvin (correlated color temperature), Illuminance (footcandle or Lux) and light source filtration values in Mired, CC index as well as filter correction values for major light source and lens filter brands. Its “Multi Lights” display enables quick data comparison of four lights with full data on each at the touch of a finger. Its “Multi Spectrum” mode enables displaying spectral graphs of three sources for quick visual comparison.

Different than any spectrometer today, the C-700R-U meter not only displays more ways to view and compare light-source information, it also provides filtration information to correct and modify light color for cleaner recording and simpler post process.

Identical to the C-700-U, the "R" model adds wireless triggering for your flash and camera.

The C-700R-U series high-resolution measuring system, featuring CMOS sensor and linear variable filter, captures and displays spikes in light source output to provide unsurpassed color measurement accuracy. The C-700R-U series conforms to the requirements for Class A of JIS C 1609-1:2006 (illuminance meter part 1).

Simply tap the intuitive color touch screen to open each of the unique measuring and display modes to view an amazing amount of lighting and filtration data. Data that you can instantly use to select, compare and match lights for the best color results. Or learn the exact filtration displayed in industry-standard values to correct lights to the effect you want.

Flash Measurement

The C-700R-U is the only field spectrometer designed to measure flash color for image capture color data is displayed in Kelvin with Mired and CC values, spectrum graph and CRI, plus camera and light source filter values. Brightness is displayed in lux sec. Flash modes include cordless and triggering by PC cord.

Spectrum Comparison Mode

Spectrum Comparison creates a three light over-lay comparison with color temperature values.
Current = Spectrum
Memory 1 = Yellow Outline
Memory 2 = Red Outlin

Color Rendering Index Mode

The CRI (Color Rendering Index) displays General CRI (R1-R8), Rendering Index Average (Ra, average of R1-R8) as well as Special CRI (R9 to R15) to show how accurately different colors will be reproduced.

Camera Filtration and Light Filtration Modes

Color Touch Screen Displays: Kelvin, Filter Brand, Mired, Camera or Light-Source Light Balancing filter, CC Index and Magenta/Green Camera or Light-Source filter. Filters are displayed in both common names and specific Rosco, Lee, Wratten and Fuji filter values

Multi Lights Mode

Multi Lights Screen creates a four-light Comparison. Selecting Main light adjusts other light filtration to match Main light.

Touch the Measurement button to see full screen Data for a single light.

Touch the Radio button to create “Main” light with automatic balance Information.

White Balance Correction Mode

Displays the difference between the current measurement value and the target color temperature in a white balance correction graph that corresponds to color balance tools used in many DSLR and video cameras.

Custom Settings Mode

You can customize the C-700R-U display to your operating preferences. The current setting for each item is displayed in yellow letters on the setting button.

C-700R-U Series Utility (software)

  • Stores and displays metered values as text or graph
  • Enables making meter settings and naming files
  • Updates firmware operating features
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