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7' Octobank
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Features Tech Specs

Product Description:

  • Professional 7' octa softbox an ideal key light source creating a large, broad output
  • Double-layer heat-resistant fabric with reinforced rod pockets
  • Extended rod sleeves and solid steel rods for added stability
  • Durable rear enclosure panels for accessibility and ventilation
  • Premium reflective interior maximizes light output
  • Neutral diffusion softens light while maintaining color temperature
  • Back by the industry's best 10-year warranty

Large, octogonal modifiers are ideal for photographing people. Due to their round shape, an Octabank leaves a natural, more appealing catch light in your subject's eyes. These modifiers are a perfect key light for fashion and commercial photography.

Unique Internal Baffle

The included inner baffle snaps into place easily and features a unique gradated silver pattern for soft, evenly dispersed light.

Durable Softboxes Backed for 10 Years

With the industry's best warranty, newly enhanced softboxes modifiers are equipped with an array of unmatched features to give you the stunning professional lighting that you've been searching for.

Rugged Design for Years of Use

Designed with heavy-duty fabrics, reinforced rod pockets, and solid steel rods, our softboxes are constructed to withstand years of use in studio or on location.

Cutting-Edge Heat Resistance

The reflective fabrics that line these modifiers not only produce maximized light output, but also serves as a double-layer of heat resistance. Incorporated heat vents offer additional heat protection during long shoots.

Premium Diffusion Fabric

Our diffusion panels are constructed with an all-natural, unbleached nylon fabric. Unlike processed diffusion fabrics, these diffusers will soften your light source without altering its color temperature.

Precisely Control Your Light

40-degree grids are the most popular choice for photographers and filmmakers, allowing for precise light control with limited loss of light. Collapsible 40-degree egg crate grids are available for all Westcott softboxes and Stripbanks.

Bright Silver Interior

Highly-reflective silver interiors are ideal for maximizing light output and adding specularity.

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