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#D200B Avenger 2.5" Grip Head (Black)
Avenger's most popular grip accessory. The D200B (Black painted) Grip Head has hundreds of functions. Unlike any other grip head, the D200 utilizes a series of washers for extra locking torque and the use of automotive-quality brake pad discs for secure, non-slip security.

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#G100 Avenger Empty Sand Bag for Boom Stand - Holds 13.2lbs
This cordura nylon bag will hold up to 13lbs of sand. Weight can be changed by adding or subtracting sand. Great for stabilizing light stands.

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#D220 Avenger D220 Baby Grip Helper (2.5")
Barndoor Frame with 2 rectanglar and 2 triangular leaves, all expandable. Rotates 360 and holds 2 accessories (dichroic, snoot, etc.).

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#D550 Avenger Fun Grip Arm D550
Thanks to the strong joint, it solves all positioning problems of scrim, flags, or small lights.

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#A0025B Avenger A0025B 8.2' Aluminum Baby Stand 25 with Leveling Leg
The Avenger A0025B Baby Alu 25 Stand is a versatile, lightweight aluminum stand. It is quick to set up, and very stable. Its locking T-knobs are large and ergonomic -- making it easy for you to efficiently lock each section. This stand rises to a maximum height of 8.2' (2.5 m).

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#A0030B Avenger A0025B 9.8' Aluminum Baby 30 Light Stand
The Avenger A0030B Baby Alu Stand. Black aluminum light stand that features an adjustable leveling leg which can slide out and lock to level the light stand on uneven terrain such as hillsides or stairs. The A0030B rises to a maximum height of 9.8'.

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#MX601 Bescor MX-601 20 / 40 Watt Switchable Video Light
The Bescor MX-601 20 & 40 watt switchable light works from a 6 VDC source. It is small and lightweight offering barn doors, diffusion and two choices of illumination.

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#X672 Bescor X-672 (6 VDC) Battery for MX-600 and MX-601 Light Housings
The X-672 is a 6 VDC battery specifically designed to work with the MX-600 and MX-601 light housings. It offers more run time than the X645 and comes with the BC-665R charger.

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#5538825 Booth Photographic Mini / Max 8" x 3" SS Flash Diffuser with Strap
The Mini / Max 8" x 3" SS Flash Diffuser adds dramatic lighting effects. It targets light to specific areas and folds flat for easy storage.
#5531175 Booth Photographic LiteShaper 12 x 39" Silver Recessed Strip Box
Aurora LiteShaper Strip Box takes soft box design to a new level by introducing a number of enhancements to the normal oblong shape. A side cut out, front baffling for subtractive lighting, and a bendable side panel; all enable photographers to truly customize their light source.
#AOR8002L Booth Photographic Orion 400 2-Light Umbrella Kit (800 w/s)
The new Orion 400 2-light studio light kit caters to shooters who are looking not only for value, but also for efficient performance, innovative design, and true versatility, all in one stylish package.
#VB1400 Bowens Mosaic Solo On-Camera LED Light
The compact and lightweight Mosaic Solo, with 72 high-powered, long-life, daylight balanced LEDs is the perfect light for interviews, vox pops and piece to camera video shots and is also ideal for portrait and product photography.
#BW1790 Bowens BW-1790 Ringlite Converter
The Bowens Ringlite Converter is a superb professional accessory that is perfect for shooting fashion and glamour and will give you total consistency every time you shoot in the studio or on location.

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#BW7693 Bowens Small Travel Pack Starter Kit - Battery, Charger & Cable
The Bowens Small Travelpak BW7693 makes working on long location shoots easy thanks to its unique new hot-swap battery feature. Now if a battery starts to fade on a lengthy assignment photographers can simply unclip the control panel unit from the depleted battery and clip on a fully-charged battery - no more waiting to charge up the whole unit.
#BW4765TXUS Bowens Gemini 400Rx 2 Light Umbrella Kit with Pulsa TX Radio Remote
The super-value Gemini 400Rx flash lighting kit is an ultra-versatile studio and location kit, suitable for beginners looking for entry level lighting and professional photographers looking for studio and location lighting with exceptional value for money.
#BW4805USDAP Bowens Gemini 500/500R UM/UM 2-Light Kit - PocketWizard and Pulsar Compatible
Now featuring PocketWizard compatibility, the best-selling Gemini 500R professional flash lighting kit contains everything you need to start shooting portraiture in the studio, and with the addition of an optional Travelpak battery, Bowens studio quality lighting can go anywhere on location. Like all Bowens kits, this 500R kit offers exceptional value for money.
#BW4320US Bowens Esprit Gemini 500/500 Travel-Pak kit
Most popular kit configurations are the two-head kits. These appeal to photographers who are buying studio lighting for the first time as well as photographers who are looking for exceptional value for money. This typical two head kits include two Esprit Gemini monolights with two Bowens lighting support stands.

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#VL11K Bower VL11K Extreme Power Video Light for Camcorders & Digital Cameras
The Bower ultra compact VL11K video light uses an extremely bright and powerful neon bulb that optimizes color balance. This set comes with a set of two rechargeable batteries and an internal AC charger for your convenience.

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#VL10K Bower VL10K Twin Light Video Light/Flash Kit
The Bower VL10K Twin Light Video Light/Flash Kit is an ultra-compact and lightweight slave flash that can also double up as a constant video light. It can mount directly on a camera via its hot shoe, off-camera with a PC cord, or can be triggered via its slave flash function.
#CSM8810 California SunBounce 32" Sun Mover Collapsible Pop-Up Reflector
With the OVAL shape, PERMATENSE™ screen and two sturdy HANDLES, a single folding reflector can be used for SPOT, NEUTRAL and WIDE ANGLE LIGHT.

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#C1MMM20 California SunBounce Micro Mini Sun-Bounce Reflector Kit (2x3', Zebra / White)
The amazing little reflector that puts flimsy, round pop-up reflectors to shame. No longer will you have to fight to find the sweet spot, or watch as your reflector folds up in the wind.

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#C100110 California SunBounce Mini Sun-Bounce Reflector Kit (3x4', Silver / White)
The amazing little reflector that puts flimsy, round pop-up reflectors to shame. No longer will you have to fight to find the sweet spot, or watch as your reflector folds up in the wind.

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#CCOO001 Camera Creatures Outrageous Owl Portrait Posing Prop
Camera Creatures are stuffed animals that fit right on your camera lens. Each Creature contains a squeaker, that when pressed makes a fun noise. It's a great way to get infants and young children to look your way. Camera Creatures were designed to fit on all interchangeable camera lenses.
#2365A001 Canon Macrolite Adapter 58C
For Use with Canon MR-14EX or ML-3)
For ML-3 (to attach ML-3 or MR-14EX to most lenses with 58mm filter size).
#2829A001 Canon Macrolite Adapter 72C
The Canon Macrolite Adapter 72C is a ring to attach MT-24EX, MR-14EX, or ML-3 to most lenses w/72mm filter size. This adapter is required to attach Macro Flash units to EF 180mm f/3.5L USM Macro Lens)

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#3563B001 Canon 67 Macrolite Adapter
Ring to attach MT-24EX, MR-14EX, or ML-3 to most 67mm filter size lenses including the Canon 100mm f2.8L Series Macro Lens.

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#2387A001 Canon EOS Dedicated TTL Connecting Cord 60 (2' Length)
2ft. coiled cord, with connections on both ends, connects to TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 2, TTL Distributor and Off-Camera Shoe Adapter.
#2388A001 Canon EOS Dedicated TTL Connecting Cord 300 (9.8' Length)
9.8ft straight cord, with connections on both ends, connects to TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 2, TTL Distributor and Off-Camera Shoe Adapter

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#1950B001 Canon OC-E3 Off-Camera Shoe Cord
Convenient for using a Speedlite apart from the camera, this cord exhibits nearly the same level of dust proof and water-resistance performance as the Speedlite 580EX II.

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#3186B001 Canon VL-5 On-Camera Video Light
he Canon VL-5 is a 5-watt video light that attaches to specific advanced shoes on high definition camcorders. The light gets power directly from the camcorder, negating the need for cables or batteries.
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