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#BOSSTAIL Bosstrap BosTail Mounting Strap
A BosTail™ replaces the tripod fitting supplied with many two-piece sling straps. One end of the BosTail attaches to the camera body strap lug, the other end provides an attachment ring for a strap connector. BosTails can remain on the camera. The tripod socket will always available.
#BOSG3T BosStrap Extra BosStrap Generation 3 Tail / ULTRA LIGHT Hand Band
NEW! Patent Pending G3 Tail is used on extra camera bodies to quickly switch the BosStrap from one body to another.
#BOSOPLT BosStrap One Piece LT Sliding Sling Strap
For EVF and light cameras. The BosStrap OP LT is our simplest light weight strap, designed to remain attached to your camera. Full benefits of a Sliding Sling Strap. It connects to the left strap lug.

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#BOS15OP BosStrap One Piece Camera Sling Strap (Black)
The BosStrap One Piece Camera Sling (BosStrap OP) refines the unique engineering incorporated in the original BosStrap Camera Sling System. The one-piece System includes the adjustable BosStrap with a nickel plated sliding fitting and a permanently attached Tail.
#BOSG3LT BosStrap Generation 3 LT Sliding Sling Strap System
BosStrap's light BosStrap's light weight version of the Generation 3 sliding sling strap system is designed for your lighter weight digital and video cameras. The BosStrap Generation 3 LT Sliding Sling Strap (BosStrap G3 LT) is a two-part sling system which includes a 1" wide sling strap and the new Patent Pending Generation 3 BosTail (G3 Tail).
#BOSG315 BosStrap Generation 3 Sliding Sling Strap System
BosStrap engineered a revolutionary sliding sling strap system for your DSLR camera that is like nothing else on the market. The BosStrap Generation 3 Sliding Sling Strap (BosStrap G3) is a two-part sliding sling system which includes a 1½” wide sling strap and the new Patent Pending Generation 3 BosTail (G3 Tail). The G3 Tail can be detached from the sling strap.
#BOS15S BoSStrap BosStrap Camera Sling System (includes one BosTail)
BosStrap's out-of-the-box engineering solved many of the inherent disadvantages of across-the-shoulder camera straps. Visually BosStrap™ stands out because it does not require a cumbersome and roaming shoulder pad for a gear laden photographer to have all-day comfort.
#BOSSTRAP Bosstrap Side Slide Camera Strap
The BosStrap Side Slide brings a new level of versatility to the camera strap. The Side Slide incorporates a chest strap to prevent the shoulder strap from slipping off your shoulder. Because the shoulder strap hangs vertically, the BosStrap Side Slide allows carrying a second camera or binocular without interference.

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