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Savage Macro Art Variable Auto-Extension Tube (Canon EF Mount)

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  • Shortens Minimum Focus of Lens
  • Greater Magnification for Macro Shooting
  • Variable Extension Adjustment: 40-56mm
  • Maintains Autofocus and Exposure
  • Internal Matting Reduces Reflections, Gold-Plated Contacts, Aluminum Bayonet

The Savage Macro Art Variable Auto-Extension Tube shortens the minimum focusing distance of your Canon EF and EF-S lenses while also increasing the magnification for macro shooting, this Savage Macro Art Extension Tube offers a variable extension range of 40-56mm for fine-tuned control of the lens-to-sensor distance. It also maintains full autofocus and exposure metering capabilities via the integrated gold-plated contacts.

  • The bayonet mounts are constructed from aluminum alloy for secure and accurate mounting of the lens and to the camera and the all-metal tube's interior is matted in order to prevent unwanted reflections or flare.

  • Variable extension range from 40-56mm enables fine-tuning of the lens-to-camera distance for dialing in different magnifications and focusing distances.

  • The extension ring also features index markings for precise and repeatable results. By extending the distance of the lens from the camera, greater magnifications and shorter focusing distances can be achieved for macro shooting.

  • This adapter is designed for Canon EF and EF-S-mount lenses and the gold-plated contacts maintain autofocus and exposure capabilities.

  • All-metal construction with aluminum alloy bayonets ensures durability and consistency. Additionally, the all-metal tube has a matted interior to prevent reflections.
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